Things to do with a hand grenade

Let’s take playing catch off the list.

Reading the first paragraph, I thought children 8-13 years old. These, however, weren’t “youths”. They’re adults. Did the civil war they grew up during so desensitize them to weapons that they’d play a game with them?

Yes, the opening sentence employs black humor. If black humor upsets you, oh well. I will not stop using it.

See, I was gonna say “masturbate” but now it seems insensitive.
So, I dunno–run away?

“Hot Potato” and “Dodgeball” are right out then?

Yeah, and I suppose Bad Minton and Kick the Grenade would not be good ideas either.

Man, I can’t tell you how glad I am that you clarified that they were adults. Otherwise, with you putting youths in quotes, I might have thought they were “utes”. :smiley:


Maybe in Croatia, adulthood doesn’t come until age 21; that way they’d still be “youths.” In any case, they won’t get any older.

A youth-in-Asia, however; they’re all dead.

The only thing dumber would have been playing Hand Grenade Football in a minefield.

I think the gene pool just got cleansed.

Well, you could get a paddle and start a game of Brockian Ultra Crickett.

Yeah, but my bowling average would go up considerably.

My cousin’s ex-husband swiped one when he was in the army (apparently out on maneuvers they’d hide stuff in the woods and go back later and get it). He kept it in the car (??) for a while, until my cousin made him get rid of it. Ended up pulling the pin and throwing it into the ocean from the beach. No report on fish casualties.

Adrenaline runs high when you cook a live grenade. :smiley:


“Remember, once the pin is pulled, Mister Grenade is NOT your friend!”

I’ve got one on my bookcase.

It’s empty.

My mom knew a couple of guys in high school who used to amuse themselves by throwing javelins at each other and trying to catch or dodge them. At some point it occured to these intellectual giants that this activity might perhaps be a wee bit dangerous, so they decided to put on baseball catcher’s armor before throwing the javelins. Somehow they avoided injury.

When I was a kid there were these two geniuses in my neighborhood who would put snowmobile suits on and chase each other around this field shooting BB guns. :smack: Dumb. Really dumb.

Better than using it as a pacifier, I guess.

Place in pants for that extra manly bulge.

Bake it in a pie!

Yeah, I got nothing.

I would imagine that Hot Potato would just about top the list. I mean, once the pin is pulled, that is essentially the game that is played with a grenade, isn’t it?

On the other hand, painting it red and playing Bobbing For Apples could add a whole new element of fun to any child’s birthday party!

Now there’s an idea I can get behind! I liked E-Sabbath’s idea also.