Things we don't hesitate to buy.

I just went on amazon, saw that the new Discworld book is out and bought it without a second thought.
What things have/do we buy/have bought in the past without thinking twice about it.

It’s probably a good idea to at least read some of the page before you buy, that way you won’t buy an audiobook by mistake like I just did.


Now that’s weird. Turns out I didn’t buy the audiobook afterall. I went to cancel, and it showed that I had ordered the standard book afterall.
So either I went wrong somewhere or amazon’s site has a mistake (the buy button for the audiobook actually buys the text book)
I killed my thread. :frowning:

Hey! Anyone in here?

::sees Lobsang talking to himself::

Oh! Sorry!

::tiptoes away::

Tool CD’s.

Toilet paper. The alternative would be…uncomfortable.

I have to stay away from Amazon. It’s just too damn good, and too damn easy. But I think this year I am going to send everyone a book for Christmas. :slight_smile:

Another Discworld fanatic. Heck, Mr Prachett could publish his what he ate last week and I’ll still buy the hardcover version.

Err - make that "…could publish what he ate… "


or literally

Things I don’t hesitate to buy:

Just about any craft supply marked down to 50% off, on general principles. I’ll figure out SOMETHING to do with it.

Hardcovers of new Diana Gabaldon, JK Rowling or Robert B. Parker books.

CDs at folk concerts.

Black shoes with chunky high heels (NOT those gawdawful Herman Munster ones - the menswear-inspired ones with the stacked heel I can hardly ever find anymore.)



I bought the new New Pornographers CD without a second thought. It was a good choice.

Tampons, I never hesitate when it comes down to personal hygiene.
Disney movies. I gotta have them all.

Name-brand macaroni and cheese.

Besides the usualy necessities… probably a good looking casual shirt from Marks and Spencer.

…besides the usual

Err – make that “Pratchett” :smiley:

And I bought the third Cartoon History of the World by Larry Gonick without even looking at the price.

Err – make that “Cartoon History of the Universe III” :smack:

Diapers and wipes!! I have an 8 month old… nuff said?

Food, shelter, and clothing.