Things which aren't from where their name suggests

Simple idea: I’m English so I’m well aware that in London, nobody knows what a London Broil is. The name is spurious, however tasty the beef may be.

There’s a product in the UK - maybe elsewhere too - called French Mustard, which is not French, but was invented in England. It’s (understandably) sometimes confused with the genuinely French Dijon Mustard, but isn’t dijon, and isn’t French.

A Danish friend of mine tells me that Danish Pastries are known as Viennese Bread (but in Danish) in Denmark, because nobody there believes they’re indigenous. Maybe slightly disingenuous, that one, because they are now a Danish speciality, but still, there’s sort of a fake origin story in the name.

So, in the spirit of fighting ignorance: what else isn’t from the place enshrined within its name? I don’t just mean the various stories about curries invented in the UK which thus masquerade as Indian, unless they’re called something like Bangalore Chicken but were invented in Leicester. I’m specifically looking for misleading geographical names.

The examples given are culinary, but I’ll take answers about anything!

Scotch eggs are not from Scotland at all.

Russian dressing.

Moon Pies :slight_smile:

French Fries.
French Dip (the sandwich)

The Diet of Worms.

German chocolate cake. Named after somebody with that surname IIRC.

I felt that instinctively when I first heard of it: its American popularity coupled with my never having heard of it till adulthood (despite being pretty conversant with France’s culinary exports to the UK) gave me doubts. It just doesn’t feel like a French thing, somehow!

What’s German Chocolate Cake?

And Mars Bars too, presumably.

That was actually at Worms. (At least the famous one.)

The Spanish Steps, on the other hand…

Guinea pigs aren’t from Guinea.

Turkeys, for that matter.

It’s a “meerschweinchen” in German: a little sea pig. I don’t know that they’re aquatic either.

Or pigs, for that matter.

In the USA, at least, “Chinese food” and “Mexican food” and “Italian food.” This probably goes for most ethnic food in the USA, come to think of it.

Bourbon Whiskey, I guess, now I come to think of it.

Panama hats are from Ecuador.

Australian shepherd dogs came from the western US.

OTOH Aussie cattle dogs are from Australia

Jerusalem artichoke.
Jerusalem cricket.

Canadian Bacon - American name for cured/smoked ham sliced into circular slabs in America but is of British/Irish cuisine.

Canadians just call it “ham”. Some Canadians call back bacon or peameal bacon “Canadian Bacon” but it is not the same thing at all.

FTR, “American Bacon” is know just as “bacon” or “streaky bacon” in Canada, the UK, et. al.