Things you are sure will happen in Harry Potter #6. (Open Spoilers!)

Things you are sure will happen in Harry Potter #6 (open spoilers)

In this we vigorously predicted what we thought would happen in The Order of the Phoenix.

I thought I would do the opening kick off for Half Blood Prince as there is 108 days as of today before #6 is released. Mugglenet Countdown Clock

Since everyone will guessing or saying something about a plot line from 1-5, there will be open spoilers ( No Boxes…Gah…those are irritating since most of what is here is a prediction. ) if you haven’t read the series and don’t want it ruined for you then Don’t Read This Thread.)
What we know for sure about #6 ( from JK Rowling’s Site is that it will be shorter than #6 (Whew!) and someone will die.
That said:

Sirius will return in ghostly form to council Harry.

Actually, I’m pretty sure this will not happen, because Harry discussed this exact subject with Nearly Headless Nick at the end of Book 5. And JK has already stated she doesn’t want to go all Star Wars with the series.

“You can’t win, Bellatrix. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

What I do think will happen is that Hermione’s parents will be attacked by Death Eaters. They won’t be killed, but they’ll find out just how dangerous the wizarding world is – and they’ll want to know why Hermione never told them.

“Mum, I was going to tell you about that Department of Mysteries battle, I swear! OK, I also didn’t mention that I was petrified by a basilisk, but hey, no harm, no foul, right?”

RIP Dumbledore

Harry and Luna will date in Hogsmead, seriously hit it off.

Draco Malfoy will return to school with some unauthorized knowledge of the Dark Arts.

I think we’ll finally get some important backstory on Snape. (More than the tease we got in book 6). I, for one, want to find out why Dumbledore trusts him.

Also, I’ve been thinking since book 3 that eventually Dumbledore will snuff it. End of book 6 would be a good time for it. Because with Dumbledore around, Voldy is still not the strongest thing around. With Dumbledore gone, the threat becomes that much more serious, and there isn’t really anybody around who can seriously oppose the V-man. Except Harry, of course.

Oh, and somebody new will be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. After all, we’ve had a different one each year – why break the pattern?

Maybe it will be Hedwig this year…

Agreed on the dead Dumbledore. At some point (i.e., Book 7), Harry will need to find his own way.

There will be a traitor in the inner circle of the Order.

A Weasley will die.

We’ll find out a bit more about Petunia’s history and knowledge of the magical culture. (My money is on her having flunked out of Hogwarts.)

I bet Petunia is a Squib. Frustrated one at that.

I look forward to seeing more of Filch and a possible explanation about Mrs. Norris ( animagius or what?)

I am in the process of reading the series to my kids and we just made it through book 1. My nearly 7 year old is really digging it YAY! I should keep a note pad by me for questions that come up because I am not bulldozing through it all.

What if Dudley turned out to have some magic?

He would definately be a Death Eater.
Just a thought.

Well, Dumbledore could just be imprisoned or incapacitated, and that would serve the same purpose. Reading some people’s predictions of future books, I think some are predicting a wholescale slaughter of main characters, which, given that Rawlings has been fairly reluctant to kill characters in the past, and the fact that they are children’s books, seems somewhat unlikely.

Well, as a slash fan, I hope to find out whether Blaise Zabini is a boy or a girl.
Warning: The “boy” link contains good slash fiction, while the girl link contains bad Mary-Sueing.

Blaise is a boy. Rowling has said so definitively: (near the bottom–just search on “Blaise”).

Rowling says she is a Muggle. She also says that a Squib is not a Muggle. AFAIK, she has been silent on the classification of people who wash out at Hogwarts, whatever their identity on the Muggle - Squib - Witch/Wizard continuum.

More likely Kneazle, or cat-Kneazle hybrid. It has been strongly hinted that Arabella Figg trafficks in Kneazles and half-Kneazles. This suggests that Squibs have at least some ability to interact with Kneazles at a level of communication that exceeds that which commonly occurs with Muggles and bog-standard cats.

Feel free to bring the questions to us here in CS. My best wishes for a wonderful time for you both. :slight_smile:

I hope not! That would screw up Lily being a muggle-born (Squibs are children of magical parents, remember?), which was part of the prophesy in book 5. We’ve already seen that she’s frustrated with Lily going to Hogwarts and her not. I think her flunking out, as has already been suggested, would be a perfect way to flesh that part of the story out. Heck, she’d have to be pretty bad at magic to manage that one–even Neville has made it this far.

My guess–Harry gets the highest OWL mark in potions :slight_smile:

Either that, or there’s going to be a new Potions teacher, and Snape gets the DADA job. Of course, given the track record of that position, that sets him up to be eliminated in some way by the end of the book. :frowning:

In any case, I think Dumbledore will be out of the picture soon.

I hope we get to see more interaction between Harry and Lupin.

Given that Dumbledore has avoided giving Snape the DADA job, even when the alternatives are appalling (see: Lockhart, Gilderoy or Umbridge, Dolores), I think he has a very strong reason for not doing so. I suspect it’s something along the lines of “Snape’s past might cause him to turn back to the Dark Side if he meddles with it too much.”

Speaking of Snape - I think we’ll also get to see why Dumbledore does trust him, and why he left the Death Eaters. (My guess? Voldemort killed someone who actually meant something to ol’ Severus and that caused him to reexamine his allegiences.)

It’s a dramatic necessity that Dumbledore die, but I don’t think it’ll happen until Book 7. And I unfortunately agree that Harry and Luna are likely to become an item, at least temporarily, but I hope not. I was so relieved to meet her in Phoenix, because we finally had a Ravenclaw character who wasn’t just a love interest.

Fudge is going to be replaced as Minister of Magic, but the replacement will certainly not be any of the main characters. Probably one of the background Ministry members we saw at Harry’s trial, but maybe someone we’ve never even heard of.

I could see Arthur Weasley leaving the Ministry, possibly becoming Muggle Studies teacher at Hogwarts (but something would presumably have to happen to open up a vacancy). Then again, Dumbledore might ask him to stay in the Ministry, to keep at least some folks he trusts there.

I’m not sure how qualified I am to be making predictions, though, since up until the evidence to the contrary, I was convinced that Sirius was going to be the Defense teacher in book 7.

Harry gets his highest marks in the Defense Against the Dark Arts exam. I think that much is completely clear. I’m betting he does okay in all his other subjects, too. He begins to think seriously about becoming an auror.

Hermione gets the highest marks in the entire year. Ronald Weasley also does surprisingly well on his exams and makes dear Mrs. Weasley very happy.

One of the interesting things Rowling has said about the whole Voldy thing is that it’s important that Harry’s mom WAND was good at charms. Why say it like that? Why her wand, and not her? Hmmmm…

I would guess that if any named character was going to be MofM, it would be Bones.

I think Harry will be surprised to have scored well enough in potions to work with Snape next year…