Things you can do at age 18 but not before

I just recently turned 18 and i was wondering what are all the things i can do now that i could not previously do when i was 17.

you can vote!

Where are you? Most places in the US, this means you can have sex and get drafted. Join the military, pay income taxes, vote, be on a jury, get tried as an adult, get a loan, and be out past teenager’s curfew in some towns spring to mind.

Yep, you can do all that but you still can’t drink till you’re 21.

i’m in oregon

Can’t you have sex, pay income taxes, and get tried as an adult before you are 18?

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Minors most certainly pay income taxes.

I think that in 47 states you can buy cigarettes and pornography, and gamble.

You can purchase and drink alcoholic beverages in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec.

You aren’t really attached to America, are you?

Get a credit card!

In the US, you can be sodomized on film or video for pay. You’ll have to wait three more years to have a beer though.

You can buy a rifle or shotgun from a federally licensed dealer.

You can definitely get a credit card before you turn 18.

Stuff your parents don’t want you to do.

buy a lottery ticket?

Now might be a good time to start capitalising the personal pronoun. :smiley:

Since I turned 18 while halfway through the 12th grade, I was able to write my own excuse notes. But remember, with power comes responsibility. :cool:

Prohibitions on sex with minors just got a lot clearer.

Happy belated birthday!

(just felt someone had to say it…)