Things You Can't Find On the Internet

Just trying to think of things or people that there is virtually no information about on the Internet. I don’t mean really obscure things like myself.
The one that strikes me is Erika Chambers (Operation Wrath of God).
Obviously there will be many more who I am not in any way familiar with.

Any offers?

Well, your particular example has a paragraph of text in the Wikipedia entry for 'Operation Wrath of God", I guess Wikipedia has gone deep into it’s “relevance?” trip and doesn’t have an article just for her. But in situations like that, Wikipedia search first, then a Google search on the topic, with ‘wikipedia’ or just ‘wiki’ added on may help.

Back in the prehistoric internet, when dinosaurs roamed, and connections were partly based on semaphore and smoke signals, (I’m talking 1994 here) I would do an Archie, Jughead or Gopher search and FTP to a university site with specific recipes for molecular biology techniques, which I was doing at the time. Nowadays, people are very protective of their techniques, you can ask for help on any number of forums, and you might get it. Bu no one just dumps the procedure for anyone to follow.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear- I was talking Erika Chambers- not Wrath of God. I added that so people would know who I was talking of. The operation is well known.

Now I’m even more confused. You asked for Erika Chambers – Wrath of God, I type that into Google, this way and get plenty:

What, really, did you mean?

I was meaning “What does it tell you of Erika Chambers”? Not that she existed- that is known- what else. Is that clear?

The problem with this thread is any example is sure to elicit a call of “cite?” :smiley:

Exactly- how do we handle that? :smiley:

Hmmm… I think this came up already in another thread. In that example, there is lots known about Obama and McCain, much less known about Palin, outside of the fact that she exists. The answer in the other thread is that, McCain and Obama wrote autobiographies, and Palin didn’t, yet.

Could that be the source of the Erika Chambers problem? Erika Chambers exists, and did something, but there are no childhood stories, is that it?

What else, is missing from the internet, that you believe should be notable.

My innocence.

Hah! Found it!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I might just be a vidiot but I couldn’t find the Top 10 Bestselling Books in Ireland there recently. I thought there’d be a blog or a bookshop site with it on it but none that I can see.