Things you know about HISTORY from movies, TV, and bad novels

We’ve done things you know about law and order and things you know about medicine and the like; what have you learned about history?

During the days of arranged marriages, pretty much all women rebelled when it was a man they didn’t love and ran off with the man they did love. Except for Romeo & Juliet, it usually ended well.

Puritans HATED sex or anything remotely like it. Even the ones who had 18 kids got them from prayer and herbal remedies.

As mentioned in other threads, whether in slavery or the Jim Crow south there was never any bond stronger than that of a black woman and the white kids she cared for.

Most Nazis sounded gay and held a cigarette between their thumb and forefinger when speaking English and menacing a POW. Luckily most were also incredibly stupid.

Muskets had an accuracy range of roughly 3000 yards and could be reloaded in about 8 seconds- 12 seconds if the soldier is charging on horseback at the time.

World War II was won by the Allies due to the contributions of Americans, with only cursory assistance from people from other countries. For example, Americans captured every Enigma machine.

The native cultures loved the Pilgrims, who by the way dressed exactly like this. At their first meeting everyone sat down to a traditional meal, where the Pilgrims were introduced to popcorn.

Living in the Old West involved shootouts in the streets pretty much every day.

Archery is an easily mastered skill, as is swordfighting. Just start out and it’ll sort of come to you.

All religious officials were corrupt hypocrites who hated learning and any kind of scientific discovery with fiery passion.

While a single act of forbidden passion is met with a skyrocketing of a woman’s fertility rates and roughly 1 out of 1.2 women died in childbirth if it was shown on camera, sexually transmitted diseases weren’t a consideration as they didn’t come around until the 1930s or so.

Cavemen lived in constant fear of being eaten by dinosaurs.

Even in big cities horse manure rarely stayed on the street for more than a few seconds.

Did anyone else know that double beds weren’t invented until the 1960’s? Probably by Hef Hefner but I don’t have any video documents to prove this.

In all battles, throughout history, the combatants square off and fight one-on-one, as is only proper. Every now and then some soldiers would try to double-team but that was frowned upon and severely punished.

Cowboys were the good guys. Unless they were the bad guys. Either way, they weren’t mindless savages like the Native Americans. Unless they were savage Cowboy bad guys, in which case they still weren’t as bad as the Native Americans.

Necessity is the mother of all invention. And a means to bypass the laws of the universe.

All you need to start a revolution is a reluctant leader; preferably a farmer or shepherd with no military or political background. If you revolt, they will come.

All cannon balls in all battles exploded upon impact. This is the way you knew they were cannon balls.

Most American Indians were peaceful nature worshipers who spoke in beautiful metaphors about the Great Spirit and brotherhood. The bad ones got that way because they were driven murderously insane by the flute music in the background.

All Egyptians regardless of era built pyramids and always with a whipped slave labor force.

It is only since the 60s that tooth decay has been around. From prehistoric times through the 50s, everybody had perfect teeth.

Swinging a sword makes it weightless and non-tiring.

If you fan a six-shooter, you improve your accuracy.

If you did have bad teeth you were instantly identifiable as a bad guy.

Firearm wounds are always neat and tidy holes. Unless you fought in a major World War II battle.

America has been arming the world since it was founded. Even the Nazis used American tanks in WW2.

Russian Migs look just like Northrup T-38 Trainers.

Nazis had, by and large, British accents.

Women have been shaving their armpits and legs, wearing mascara and lipstick, and using lots of hairspray since the dawn of time. (P.S. Humans have been around since the dawn of time. P.P.S. There was a dawn of time.)

Women also never menstruated at all until very recently, but even today it’s pretty rare. They only do it if it will have some sort of material impact on the events around them.

Fashions change but standards of beauty remain the same. Washboard abs have always been fashionable for both men and women, for example. (In Gangs of New York Cameron Diaz’s character even manages to have well toned abs in spite of a botched C-section years before.)

It’s amazing how much light one or two candles give off- they could make the interior of even a very large room bright as day.

Hoopskirts were daily around-the-house wear for 19th century women.

Based on films made prior to the 1960s or so, the most important consideration in buying slaves was how well they could harmonize on spirituals and rollicking gospel numbers with the other slaves. Choir leaders and choreographers were among the two most important jobs on a plantation.

More specifically, by John Wayne.

And the occasional assist from some wooly mammoths.

As did Romans* and everybody in the Middle Ages, regardless of where they were from (or even the nationality of the actors playing them).

*Actually Russell Crowe supposedly had screaming fits during the filming of Gladiator because he wanted to do a Spanish accent as his family is in Lusitania. He was told this was wrong for several reasons- there was no Spanish accent at the time and the fact he owned estates in Lusitania doesn’t mean his character was culturally Spanish- but only gave up after a struggle.

It was only with the aid of Hercules that the Poles were able to prevent Genghiz Khan from capturing Krakow.

Your great grandfather was a goatherd. Your grandfather was a goatherd. Your father was a goatherd. Fuck if you’re gonna be a goatherd!