Things you think are truly beautiful

There are some things that are pretty much universally recognized as beautiful… groves of blooming trees, stained glass windows, etc etc. But are there some things that you think are really beautiful, in a gut-punching kind of way, even though not so many other people might think so?

I have a few…

  1. High-quality woolen goods. Springy, nubbly, heathered yarn… textured hand knits… buttery woven wool cloth
  2. Unmortared stone walls
  3. Lichens and mosses
  4. Animals with cream and brown fur, like sled dogs and Maine coon cats
  5. Patchwork done with 18th-century reproduction fabric… it’s nubblier and coarser than most quilting cotton, and the deep, rich colors really call out to me


Hardwood floors

Old fishing shacks



sleeping children

flower gardens


Approaching storms
Nuclear mushroom clouds


Lenticular clouds
(Some orchids are too beautiful to even be mentioned)

and ash clouds from erupting volcanoes

Lake Superior

my son
most things in nature, up close

Plastic bags caught in a breeze in a back alley. :wink:

Seriously though, pigeons and birds in general.

Large cats (lions, etc)

The Supermarine Spitfire Supermarine Spitfire - Wikipedia

No music yet?

How about this.

Fire and intense heat. Think of a fire in a fireplace that has been burning hungrily for 12 hours and has a huge bed of deep red coals. Oh, the bulb of glass at the end of a glass blower’s pole. Or metal being worked by a blacksmith. (can I fit another fragment in this paragraph?)
Ice storms


Mushroom clouds

uh, you get the point.

I think I should point out that I don’t relish death and destruction. I appreciate the intensity of the destructive power but I don’t like the end results.

Now that I have posted my own and am actually reading the thread, I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one like this.

Some rivers
Streams, brooks
Gulf of Mexico
Marine mammals

This answer caught me off guard and is so TOTALLY what my husband would say that I laughed here at work and made people stare at me.

Things I find beautiful:
My dogs sleeping on couches
My one cat when she presses her face against my arm and purrs
Jacaranda Trees - bonus when they have shed a bit and there is this gorgeous purple blanket of flowers under them
The sun on Syndey Harbour on the way to work

I just remembered one that isn’t destructive.
Magnolia trees in full bloom.

Colossal thunderstorms
Bonfires, especially when you put that stuff on them to make the flames look blue or green or purple
The Un’Goro crystal cave in WoW
Cream colored or blue cats
The smell of lilacs
Traffic from way up high (like in an ascending airplane)

basalt rock
the texture of an apple’s skin
whiptail lizards
cat paws
babies’ skin
the way fog diffuses light
the layered look of dough as the flour is added

Sattua - I’m with you on the textures thing … cobblestones, dogs noses, things eroded by nature, gnarled trees.

Okay, all these answers about flowers and peace don’t count. We’re not supposed to be listing things that are universally beautiful. For me, you know how when you catch skin at the right angle in the wrong light, and you can see every single detail of the skin, making it look almost scaly? I love that. Also, broken glass.

Indeed! I’m not at work, but it caught me off guard enough to crack me up.