Things you thought would be fun or funny, but turned out to be annoying

A few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to set my phone’s default text message notification sound to the “Wilhelm Scream”. The first couple of times I got a text message after making the change, it actually made me jump! (It didn’t help that I accidentally had the volume turned all the way up.) Now that I’m used to it, it’s just become more annoying than funny. Especially at work. I’m sure most of the people who work near me are starting to get sick of it. I’ll probably wind up setting it back to the chime sound I had before.

Pretty much any time I make a joke here.

As for the Wilhelm Scream, I was doing just fine until someone here drew my attention to it. Now I can’t unhear it and it absolutely ruins movies for me. It’s so bad that one time I was in the kitchen working on dinner and the boys were watching a Transformers movie in the next room. One of the little comic relief robots took a hit and they did a high-pitched, speeded up scream. I was blocking out the movie noise because I was busy doing something, but that little squeak got through. I guess if you need a notification that you simply must not overlook, that distinctive little bit of audio is just about the best thing there is. It should be in smoke alarms.

Brockmire, The Mick and most of the stuff on IFC and Adult Swim.

I think Brockmire could be exceptional funny, but they just seem to try to be as offensive as possible at the expense of the humor.

This is a joke I heard Buddy Hackett tell on the Tonight Show many moons ago. I told it to my friends recently, and it utterly bombed.

A Jew and a Chinaman are having an argument. The Jew tells the Chinaman, “You Chinese are terrible people! You guys bombed Pearl Harbor!”
The Chinaman replies, “No! Chinese not bomb Pearl Harbor! Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor!”
The Jew says “Chinese, Japanese, it’s all the same.”
The Chinaman says “What about you Jews? You sink Titanic!”
The Jew replies, “Wait a minute, nobody sank the Titanic! It hit an iceberg!”
The Chinaman replies “Iceberg, Greenberg, Goldberg, it’s all the same!”

When I was about 10 or 11 years old I was staying at my cousins house (same age) and we found a whole bunch of rope and pulleys in my uncles garage. We almost broke our necks climbing up this freaking HUGE tree on their property and securing the rope on the highest branch and then staking it to the ground at an angle. We spent all week sliding down that rope using a pulley that we fastened a handle to. It was an absolute blast. Even moved a small wading pool below to drop ourselves into. Had the time of our lives and would get up early every day just to start doing it again. It’s one of my favorite childhood memories.

So when the wife and I went to Belize in 2016 I thought going on the zip line excursion would be just as much fun. It wasn’t like that South Park episode, IT WAS THAT SOUTH PARK EPISODE!:eek:

Hot, boring. Trapped in a stuffy shuttle van for hours with dullards from other countries that had no conversation skills. Going from place to place to place to each new stupid line. Spending an hour in that van between locations just to go on a 10 second zip that was lame and slow. Almost 9 hours of this torture.:mad:

Not only did the entire day suck the sweat off a dead mans balls, but on top of it I had to endure my wife bitching at me about what a stupid idea it was in the first place! :smack:

I got one of these Star Trek door chimes thingies that makes the “swish” sound of a door opening when you cross through your own door. The only door it worked with in my house (being that the sensor is on the left) was my bathroom door, and I go in there too much for it to be funny for too long. So it’s hanging there but turned off. I only turn it on when someone comes over and says “what’s this?”


Betty Jo Bialosky

I’ve never been much of a culture vulture but made an effort this winter, at the urging of friends, to attend some highly-recommended lectures, poetry readings, etc. And all were highly fucking deadly boring, consisting mainly of the speaker projecting and reading a PowerPoint – yeah, I can read on my own, thanks.

Someone at work organised a “Games Night” that was going to feature food, etc. and I like games so it sounded good to me. I chipped in my share of the costs and eagerly awaited the event.

On the day of the event, we got to the location where we stood around a bowl of chips for an hour waiting for pizza to arrive. Then once the pizza arrived, the group split into two tables of poker. No other games, just poker (which I have no interest in). I shrugged and went home. What a waste of time – at least call it “Poker Night”, not “Games Night”.

You know those trivia contests that usually raise money for various charities? Yeah, I’ve done that twice, and both of them were utterly miserable experiences.

Moving in with my aunt and her family…ever see the cartoons where y.sam or daffy sees a female who was left a fortune so they decided to marry her and it was fun and parties then they get married and the minute they get home the wife hands them a apron and broom and says “get to work”

It was pretty close to that …

I agreed to help paint a huge mural on a brick wall in a small town. We had several meetings, the outline was mapped out. The paint and supplies were procured. Me and 2 youngish guys were to do the actual painting. It was perhaps the hardest artwork I have ever been involved in. It was hot, I had to climb on scaffolding and it took forever. It wasn’t near as fun as I thought it would be. In fact it was torture. If anyone ever paints over it I may commit murder.


And with that comment, you’ve already won my internet today and it’s only 9:42am.

I was trying out different apps to help with my cellphone’s voicemail. One app, YouMail, offered a number of different “gag” messages. I tried out a few. The messages were total failures with my friends. Some were pains in the ass (at the sound of the tone, please leave your message including your ten digit phone number, your first and last name no middle initial please, the time of day you are calling including the time zone if you are not in the eastern time zone. If you are uncertain about your time zone, please convert time to Greenwich Mean Time. on and on and on)

Some messages were scary/too real. “The party you dialed is currently under investigation for blah, blah, blah, you will be contacted by FBI agents . . .” Friends fell for it.

One message was described as “sexy female voice”. It was believable, with the throaty voice actually using my name and number in the message. My gf called my phone and listened to a few seconds, not realizing it was a message. That evening she asked who answered my phone. I had to have her call and listen to the message. She had spent the day in anguish over the whole thing.

Deleted app.

I had a girl friend like that once. Great for an evening, but good god, why did i stay with her for six months?

That squiggly animation really put me off.