Things you wish Itunes could do

Support arbitrary boolean logic and a basic scripting API in the playlist filters.

Sync wirelessly, whenever I’m in range.

I would like it to work faster than a snail’s pace when I’ve got my 160GB iPod plugged into it.

I also would like to store and transfer date added info to it and to my iPod. I’ve got a lot of music on that thing and I don’t always remember what I added last.

You can edit song info on tunes purchased from the Itunes store just like you can for your own stuff that you import. Just highlight the song, go to File - Get Info etc.

It would be nice if Itunes, when it felt it necessary to do an “upgrade”, would summarize for you exactly what it was changing, so you weren’t obliged to read through reams of boilerplate to agree to, which no one does anyway, resulting in you feeling that you may have signed away the rights to all your music, your computer and your first-born child by agreeing to the “terms”.

There’s lots of music the store needs to carry that it doesn’t, and which if it did I wouldn’t have to think about paying ludicrous prices for it on Ebay.

My biggest problem with iTunes is that you can’t (to my knowledge) display your music only by artist, or album, or genre. It always shows all the individual tracks. I have a lot of music and I hate having to scroll through the full song list of my entire library.

What’s especially maddening is that I just want the same basic interface that is on the iPod itself. Music -> Artist -> (list of artists, from which I can choose songs or albums).

I’d like to see more of the options in iTunes carry through to the iPod (e.g. re-sorting lists, adding & removing songs to lists, and so on).

I’d like to have a field that specifies what kind of file it is (music, ebook, podcast, video…) so that I can more easily sort things in smart playlists. If such a field exists, someone please tell me what it is. I keep accidentally getting ebooks and videos in my playlists when I don’t want them.

That would be awesome. I haven’t actually encountered anything I couldn’t do by creating some “work” lists or modifying the comment field, but it’s a pain.

For example, I have a smart playlist of all of my favorite jazz, blues, and swing revival that does not include any Christmas music. To do that, I had to build an “OR” playlist with the three genres, and then do an “AND” playlist to select only 4&5 star songs from the other playlist that don’t have “christmas” in the genre.

I really really want this.

I’d buy the catbox version. As for the others, I recommend spending some quality time learning to use the software. It can rip to MP3 in selectable bitrates, you can edit song info, and you can (albeit painfully) remove DRM. #1 is obviously subjective, but if you learned what that program can actually do, you might change your mind.

As much as I’d love that, it isn’t a problem with the iTunes software at all. I buy music from a pile of other sites and load it into iTunes.

Do you use this program? If so, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Does it work with the latest iTunes? If you follow that link, it says the program is no longer available as of 2006.

  2. Does it change fields that I’ve already changed? I almost always end up changing the genre from what the iTunes database says, and I’d sure hate to have it undo all the organizing I’ve done.

  3. Can you use it on specific songs only, or does it run rampant through your whole collection?

It would be really cool to have things like years and track counts and such cleaned up, but I wouldn’t want it changing what I’ve already edited.

The ‘kind’ field shows the filetype. Otherwise, pick one of the fields you don’t use and stick that information there.

  1. Allow manually changing the media type from “Podcast” within iTunes. I subscribe to a few podcasts that are audiobooks (, and if I like the novel / writer enough to keep, I’d prefer to move them to the audiobooks category. Right now, the only way to do this is to use a separate mp3 tag editor to strip off the “ITUNES_PODCAST_*” fields (which makes iTunes recognize them as plain music mp3s), then set the media type to “Audiobook”.

What makes it even more odd is that the podcast files do have the Media Type drop-down show in the info dialog, but it’s greyed out and can’t be changed. Weird.

  1. An easy way to “reseed” random smart playlists. I’ve got one set up to randomly pick 1 GB of my top-rated songs, but if I get tired of those, the only way I’ve found to regenerate a new list is to change the list size, then set it back.

  2. Have some option to have “Auto delete” on podcasts to default to “off”. I have a mix of “one time listen” podcasts (news casts, Penn Says, etc) that I don’t care about keeping once I’ve listened to them, and others (like the audiobooks mentioned above) that I want to keep. I’d rather manually delete podcast episodes when I forget to turn auto-delete on than have to re-get episodes of ones I wanted to keep. Especially since I can’t seem to find a way to mark a file “unread” from the feed (and re-download everything) without removing / rejoining the podcast in iTunes.

I’ve got an iPhone, which I sync with both my home and work computers. Well, I would, except iTunes allows only one (1) device to sync with each computer- so I sync my music and photos at home, and my calendar and email at work. I want to listen to my music at work, through my computer, so I have to use a thumbdrive to keep my computers synced with each other… even though I’m already carrying a freakin’ hard drive (dressed up as a phone) between the two locations.

So yeah, I want iTunes to allow me to sync my iPhone with both of my computers.

A “Play All” option on the iPod for podcasts. You can play all tracks in an album, all tracks by an artist, or all tracks on a playlist with one click of the Play button, and without having to diddle the scroll wheel after EVERY. FREAKING. ONE. C’mon Steverino, it’s all just data.

If you use the Grid view (View > as Grid) you can click on one of the tabs (Albums, Artists, Genres, Composers).

It’s not exactly the same as an iPod but it’s closer to what you want.

I haven’t used iTunes for a while so I may have missed a few upgrades - but it used to annoy me that you couldn’t set a playlist on shuffle. Does anyone know if you can do this now?

Go to “View” -> “Show Browser”. It turns the top half of the screen into columns by Genre, Artist, or Album name, each of which you can scroll through just like on an iPod. (And I usually get rid of the Genre column, because I never use it, so it’s just a list of artists and albums.) I couldn’t imagine using it as just a huge list of songs. Eeek!

(This is on a Mac, by the way. No idea whether the instructions are different on Windows.)

I’d like to be able to sort by more than one column at once. Ideally it would list by alphabetical Artist and then albums by numeric release date within artist, but it always defaults to alphabetical.

Also I’d like it to list solo artists by lastname, firstname instead of the silly firstname lastname.



You can always change them manually. It might take a while but if it’s worth it to you you can do it.

As far as I know, you’ve always been able to do that. On the bottom left there are 4 icons. The second one shaped like two arrows intersecting is the shuffle button.

I’m on automatic sync, but I will try out the manual sync, thanks!


I have no idea why I’ve never found this option before. I’ve clicked on the different View buttons at the top right (Windows version), but those make things worse in terms of scrolling through loads of information.

This is so much better. I love you. As a sign of my gratitude, the rules of this message board no longer apply to you. It’s like an invulnerability cheat code in a video game. Do anything you want. Seriously.

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I wish I could click in the “song area” (I don’t know the name for it, but the window that has all the songs listed) and keep the button held down so I can drag the cursor to select multiple songs.

Also, not in iTunes but on my iPod, I wish I could “hot drop” (for lack of a better word) a song into the current playlist. Usually I just listen to all my songs on shuffle (I only have a few gigs worth,) but every now and then I have the whim to listen to a particular song. I have to scroll through the menu to get to the song, and then click it to play, but then that’s the only song playing, and I have to go back through the menu to either restart the playlist I had or re-start the shuffling of all my songs again. Why can’t I just have the option to drop it in, either right now or after the current song, and then go back to what is currently playing?

On a Mac, you can do this by setting up an automator action. The action is two parts, the first ‘find finder item’ pointed at the watch folder. The second action is ‘import files into iTunes’. When you run the script it will import music in that folder into iTunes. You can then save this as a iCal plug in. This enables you to schedule the script to run on a regular basis, in my case it runs nightly.

My list
-podcatching is very un-apple like. Each feed should have it’s own “get info” style preference panel for setting how many items it should keep, managing your subscription, etc. There are some podcasts that I’d like to keep just the most recent one, there are others where I’d like them to stack up so I can catch up when I get a chance.
-better iTunes / Front Row interface or better iTunes /Apple remote interface.
-video playlists/shuffle video playlists/play a video playlist/video playlist in Front Row. I can’t ever see anyone wanting to build a smart playlist of video podcasts they haven’t watched and have iTunes shuffle thru them randomly, by being able to select that list thru front row. This may be the case for audio podcasts as well.