Things you wish Itunes could do

I love itunes. Great for organizing my music and great for finding podcasts (no messing around with RSS feeds or copying and pasting addresses). Click, done.

There are some things that I can’t wrap my mind around why they havn’t changed. These are podcast related, but if you have any on the music side feel free to share.

  1. Being able to organize podcasts HOWEVER I want them organized. I have at least thirty podcasts I subscribe to. I regularly listen to about four, the others I let pass through the auto delete so I see the most recent ones. I’d like to have all my favorites right there at the top of the list… Not hidden alphabetically (oh wait, is it “NPR: Fresh Air” or “Fresh Air”?)

  2. I wish I could set the number of podcasts downloaded for a particular podcast before auto deletion. Ten audio podcasts each ten minutes long is no big deal. But when the auto is set to ten across the board and I end up downloading ten fourty five minute daily MSNBC Rachel Maddow podcasts in video while I only listen to one about once a week, if that, I end up with a space problem.
    Any ideas? And how should I go about getting this problem across to those that can do something about it?

  1. Not suck.

  2. Rip to MP3 format, with a bitrate chosen by me.

  3. Allow song info to be edited.

  4. Clean the catbox.

  5. Eliminate DRM.

  1. Not suck
  2. Run on Linux

Unfortunately Amarok can’t sync my iPod photos properly. So much for a useful map collection.

Tell me the release schedule for upcoming movies and shows.

Huh? It won’t? I change song info all the time (I like my classical stuff to be cataloged a particular way). Of course none of my music is purchased from the apple music store-- that might matter, I don’t know.

I’ve been refusing to upgrade for a while since it seems that every new version breaks a feature I liked (some sort of Sony-appeasement or something. What was it, version 4? 5? that broke the URL-based streaming? Oh, that did irk me indeed).

It does, that’s the only way I do it in case I want to transfer the songs to some other kind of device or a computer without itunes. 256 kbs mp3 format.

I want it to find a way to include liner notes/lyrics so that when I buy mp3’s from amazon or songs from itunes, it has the liner notes/lyrics embedded in the tags. Sometimes they include a pdf with the full albums but it’s not the same.

Open an mp3 or wav file and tell me what song it is.

How do I get iTunes to rip to MP3 format?

Put new songs on my iPod without me having to delete all the old ones.

My computer crashed recently, and I did PC Recovery. Only problem, all the music that was in the iTunes library is now gone, and it’s telling me that in order to sync the iPod (and put more music on it), I have to erase the current contents of my iPod.


Have ALL MUSIC available for download. There is still a bunch of stuff I cannot get from ITunes store.

Are you set to manual or automatic sync? You -should- be able to manually sync and add more music to the iPod, but I don’t think you can get the old stuff from the iPod to your iTunes.

I could also be completely wrong. :smiley:

Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing (this is on Windows, I dunno about Macs). Set your settings and put in a CD, and there you go!

Have one song on several albums without having several copies of it.

An example: Jeremy by Pearl Jam is on the album Ten, and also on their greatest hits compilation, Rearviewmirror and is therefore saved as two separate MP3 files, wasting space on my hard drive and my iPod. I’d like to be able to add the Rearviewmirror album information to the Ten track and have it show up under both. This isn’t something I’d want automated because sometimes they’re different versions of the same song (see: anything unplugged or live), but it’s something I’d like to be able to set up manually.

And if someone comes along to say it can already be done (with instructions on how), I’ll be thrilled! :smiley:

Edit > Preferences > General > When You Insert A CD > Import Settings > Import Using > MP3 Encoder.

How about this: Script Software | Plum Amazing ?

Holy crap, that looks like something I could really make use of … if I had a Mac.

:tries to think of any friends I might be able to hit up:

I have few, if any, complaints about how Itunes works. I have lots of complaints about how the Ipod doesn’t take advantage of all the data available in Itunes.

You realize that this is something that Itunes doesn’t actually control?

Okay, thanks. I usually just use Windows Media Player for my digital music needs, but the wife uses iTunes. I’ll have to look into those settings.

It should be able to monitor my download folder and add music to the library automatically when I download it.

Play videos randomly (what the heck is with that?!)

Play music and videos together. Randomly.

Have an easy way to automatically remove missing files, without deleting everything. (again, what the heck is with that?)

This is more for movies with my AppleTV, but it would be nice to be able to fill out all the tags that are available. AppleTV allows me to use parental controls for viewing movies with different MPAA ratings. However iTunes doesn’t allow me to edit a movie’s meta data to put in the MPAA rating. If I download and purchase a movie from the iTunes store, that data is there, but I cannot add it myself. There is no good reason not to give me that functionality. As it is I have to use a third party software program to do it which makes it a much larger pain in the ass.