Things you'd never know if it weren't for the movies

When looking to hotwire a car it is possible to grab any two wires from under the dash and connect them together. Providing there are sufficient sparks, the car will start.

When disarming a bomb that threatens to destroy the world the wires will always be coloured differently so you can choose between them.

On the same bomb there will always be a timer in big red numbers to tell you exactly how much time you’ve got left.

When investigating sounds in the middle of the night always wear your skimpiest outfit and don’t turn the lights on.

Despite the laws of physics it is possible to make a cars tires screech on a dirt road.

When trying to solve a case it will be necessary to visit at least one strip club.

You get the idea…
If this has been done before I apologise.

  1. Women who deliver pizza will gladly accept sex as a form of payment.

  2. Pick up lines don’t need to be complicated:

blond in bathrobe: It sure is hot in here.
painter/plumber/general contract worker: (leering) I’ll show you hot.
[cheesy baseline]Ungh… Oh…[/cheesy baseline]

  1. Even ugly people like Ron Jeremy can get laid by beautiful women.

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