Think file sharing is bad? What about the crime of RIDE sharing?

I found this entertaining.

Ford testifies to Stop Ride Sharing

I ride with only one person in the car, myself, at all times. I’ve converted the passenger and backseat area to a larger reserve fuel tank. Now, granted, this slows down my fuel economy to about 4 MPG (6 on the highway) but I think I’m doing my fair part by not having to refill every other day and taking up valuable space at the pump.
There is the small problem with excess gas fumes but I’ve got a handy release valve I press which will send the noxious waste into the upper atmosphere where it belongs. It also manages to wear down my shocks as I hit the bumps but I opted for the 20 year or 200,000 bumper to bumper warranty so I’m quite covered.
Not that I need the warranty, mind you, as the cars themselves only last an average of 1.5 years on the road. But trade in, trade up is my motto. More fuel space!

William Ford called me up personally saying they were nominating me for employee of the year and I don’t even work for them.

What’s really pathetic is that two bus companies actually testified to have ride sharing shut down in Ontario. Alleged that they were running an unlicensed bus service. They weren’t, according to the government’s own rules (they never took more than four passengers, the rides weren’t regularly scheduled, etc) but the government (that fucking Mike Harris) shut them down anyway. Greedy fucking assholes, that was the only decent way I had of getting to Toronto and seeing my ex.

You only think it’s all funny.

Here in DC a little ‘ride sharing’ society has developed. Federal workers downtown sit on the mall near the major thoroughfares (14th street leading to the bridge, for example) with signs that say they’re intended destination. They’re trolling for people who are driving solo and would like the chance to use the HOV lanes on 395 and 66.

I don’t know how successful it is but as it’s been going on for years I can’t imagine it’s not working for them.


I see nothing to indicate that anybody responding in this thread didn’t realize the article in the OP was satire… What was that “whoosh” for?

I am going to guess the whoooosh should have been accompanied with a hand motion of something going over your head.

I understand “whoosh”, I just don’t see how anybody was whooshed. It appears that everyone realized the article was satire.

I got a “serious” vibe from matt_mcl. Perhaps I was mistaken…

Kind of kills the idea of an HOV lane.

GWBush voice Ride-sharing is UnAmerican. My companies did not work with Iraq and other shady countries to get oil into this country so some hippies could save money. Real patriotic real Americans will drive huge SUVs with tank treads…or maybe real tanks to protect us from terrorists!

It has also been reported that there are people who refuse to purchase cars, supporting this blatantly un-American activity with the flimsy excuse that they do not have the proper license to operate a motor vehicle. Worse, there are even those who claim that merely because they are physically incapable of driving they should be exempt from the proposed anti-ride-sharing laws.

I think Matt’s use of the word “actually” indicates that he knows the OP article was parody, but then he provided a sad example of a “real-life” event.

Jonathan Chance:

quite successful indeed.

Oh, no, there’s a far more sinister conspiracy. There are those people who buy light, fuel-efficient cars, yet still take public transportation whenever possible, because the traffic in their city is horrendous. :eek: