Think You're Important? Here Is Scale Of The Universe!

British friend sent me this link to a cool Flash graphic of the scale of the universe.
(Go to the “Scale of the Universe” link on this site.)

Thanks, DMark!

It is missing the “You are here” sign. :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked that (it’s been around for years) but I don’t understand how they make those kind of Flash animations. How is it done? The whole infinite-zoom thing - is there one gigantic image that’s rendered, or is there some kind of “tunnel” system to it?

Around 10^10 there’s an entry for “Total Human Height” - I wonder if that is the height if you put all 6.x billion of us standing end-to-end, or for all humans ever existed?

I guess that Flash is larger than the whole universe, which kind of explains why Steve Jobs didn’t like it - it competed with his ego (which was also too large to scale properly.) :wink:

Here’s another picture that shows the concept nicely, I think.

I thought this is what the Total Perspective Vortex was for.

Mmmm, fairy cake.

Stuff like this has the opposite effect on me than what it’s “supposed” to have, I suspect. Others look at it and go “wow, I’m insignificant.” I look at it and go “wow, God made all of that, and yet He loves me.”

Click on it to get your answer.

is there a higher resolution photo of something like this?

Hey, sweet!

I’m in the EXACT CENTER of it all!

How awesome is that? :smiley:

And some of us look at it and go “Wow, all of these things have come into existence without anyone’s help” and “Aren’t humans great, that we can even begin to comprehend these things.”

Exactly. That’s why I asked why there was no “You are here” sign. :slight_smile:

No, he loves me!

I don’t know.

People please stop fighting. God has love for everybody, but only if you stop masturbating.

You gave the answer yourself. It’s not one gigantic image nor is it a tunnel, it’s an animation where you control the playback.

There’s a lot more stuff on the “very big” scale than on the “very small” scale. I suppose the bigger stuff is easier to measure with the technology that we currently possess.

As I believe Meatloaf once said, I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.