Thinking and how it works

The other day I was bored and I started wandering off thinking of diffrent things and when I snaped out of my daydreams I wonderded to myself how many things could I think of at once at the same time. So after a while I managed to think of two separate things at the same time. What I did was I imagined myself doing chores and almost like a split screen I thought of math (like you would on a sheet of paper). The math part was takeing two random numbers that I would think of while I was also imagining myself continuing my chores and add them together. what I was wondering was. Am I accually “multitasking” my brain or is my brain just doing things in order and I don’t notice it??

That is curious. I wonder if it is a right brain/left brain thing.

Many people think ahead while they are talking. Would that be the same thing?
What about when you are thinking, and another “voice” interrupts and play contra with the thoughts?

“I should say I am horny. Are you nuts, they will slap you in the face.”

Actually your brain is doing millions of things at any given instant. Its just that you’re concious of (usually) one thing at a time.

Actually, multitasking often just seems to be “at the same time.”

The chores are sharing resources, but only one task is being processed and the others are on hold, waiting their turn. To our limited senses, it seems concurrent. (Think of a film where individual frames suddenly suggest continuous movement.)

I know this is the longest possible answer to your question, but you might want to take a look at the book “How the Mind Works” by Steven Pinker. (It’s about 600pp, so that makes this a long answer)