Thinking of getting into metal detecting, good inexpensive detector?

I live a 10 minute drive from the York Maine beaches (long sands, short sands, and harbor beach) and we have 50 acres of land with a woodlot with remnants of antique car parts and horse drawn haying euipment, a family graveyard on the edge of the property, a granite rock wall borders the property line on the west side, and the house is a 200+ year old Colonial…

There should be interesting finds on our property, y’think?

So, what’s a decent beginner detector, $300 or under?

I tried a Bounty Hunter Quicksilver and was greatly disappointed, it felt cheap and failed the basic tests I put it through, so I returned it

I’ve been reading reviews on the Whites Coinmaster pro and GT models, they seem to be what I’m looking for, plus I have store credit at a local shop that sells them, I have about half the price of the Pro in store credit…

Are the Coinmaster models decent?

Be prepared for an avalanche of 7 carat diamond rings. You’ll probably need a storage locker.

Ha ha ha!!! Win!

Also, make sure you get a pair of tactical pants.

And a Caribbean mansion.

Yes. A famous one that’s been featured in Architectural Digest.

Don’t be cheap. Get a White’s.

Or at least a bull’s digest.

If you don’t get good recommendations here you could go to Amazon and read reviews: