Third Party Candidates

concerning this statement concerning the constitutional party:
“Congress should retain control of Copyrights and Patents.”
Is this true of the national constitutional party? and secondly can anyone find something that Baldwin has said concerning this issue?
(Im probably voting for Barr but I agree with some of what Baldwin and was contemplating him because of Barr’s history, but this issue would be a decided factor because that is just retarded)

Here’s what is says on that point on their national platform page:

I didn’t take that as Congress owning all copyrights and patents, just the CP’s way to say that Congress should not “farm this out” to a Patent Office but do the work themselves. Not sure why or how that would work, or even if my interpretation is correct.

That, or they may be objecting to Congress agreeing to international standards like the Berne Convention. I’m just speculating though.

How come socialists seem to be the only ones out there advocating any form of internationalism* even in principle**?

*Not to be confused with neoliberal free-trade globalism.

**I know, I know, Commies always seem to act like rabid nationalists once they get into power . . .

Got a bit behind, but let’s catch up with a look at the SWP - the Socialist Worker’s Party. This one is interesting, because the website (The Militant) lists Roger Calero as the candidate, but my ballot had James Harris, who has previously been the SWP candidate.

Platform, or “What The Socialist Workers Campaign Fights For”

This works better as a prose rant rather than trying to pull out bullet points. Which is one of the reasons it’s probably more fun to go with the left versus the right wing if you’re going 3rd party. No tough to memorize platform points, just generally bitch about conditions and class struggles.

The candidates: Roger Calero is a 39 year old who has worked in a number of labor positions so that he could organize the workers to cast off their chains of oppression. He wants to legalize all illegal migrant workers. He was born in Nicaragua and moved to the USA with his family. It seems he may not actually be able to become president (not clear if either parent was a US citizen), which may explain the whole James Harris thing.

Alyson Kennedy “Alyson Kennedy, 57, has been a socialist and trade union fighter for more than three decades. Originally from Indianapolis, Kennedy joined the socialist movement in 1973 in Louisville, Kentucky. A long-time fighter against racism and discrimination, she was part of the fight to desegregate public schools there in the mid-1970s. She has participated in numerous activities and protests over the past three and half decades in defense of affirmative action and in opposition to racist discrimination.” She has also worked a number of labor jobs, and according to Wiki is currently employed as a garment worker. Sounds a bit like an aging hippie who has maintained a politically left POV. Good for her.

Next up, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente for GRE - Green Party. As always more details at the link. Brevity is not the soul of the Greens.

The Green Party may well have the wordiest platform, with lots of hyperlinks and sub-sections, so I’m going to highlight their preamble and 10 Key Values:

10 Key Values

Hopefully you’ve heard of Cynthia McKinney. She’s been a bit of a lightning rod for the Democrats previously, having insisted that the government had specific pre-knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. She was involved in a well publicized [dust up with Capitol Hill security]( /index.html). She lost a runoff for re-election in her congressional district in 2006, has praised Hugo Chavez and more recently supported Cindy Sheehan over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Her running mate, Rosa Clemente, is not as well known, but has an interesting biographical blurb:

We really do need more “Hip-Hop activists”, dawg.

Net, even though the Greens have made some strides in Europe and some points beyond, I don’t see them doing much here in the near term, especially without a parliamentary form of government where they could gain some actual power. They do seem to be doing their party with balancing out folks across the political spectrum like the Constitution Party.

Socialist Workers Party? Boo! Fucking splitters! Petty bourgeois reactionaries!

Reject Obama and McCain! Support the socialist alternative in 2008! Build the Socialist Equality Party!

That’s who I would vote for if I lived in the U.S… uh… are they even on the ballot anywhere?

Living in Connecticut, we will actually see quite a few people voting for Nader, whose from CT. Every vote for Nader will be one more McCain won’t get.

Choose electors by congressional district instead of statewide winner-take-all? Yeah, I could get behind that, though scrapping the EC entirely would be much better.

Onward, to AIP - America’s Independent Party. This is the one featuring Alan Keyes, not to be confused with Chuck Baldwin’s Independent American Party (there’s a joke in there somewhere about the Judean People’s Liberation Front).

For some reason, whenever I see Alan Keyes’ name I get the song “Rock n Roll Radio” in my head, with the incorrect lyrics “Do you remember Alan Keyes?Murray the K, Alan Keyes and high energy?”. Anyway, on to the party platform, not that I can find much of it:

How’d that whole Illinois thing work out for you, Mr. Keyes?

A quick background on Keyes:
“Alan Lee Keyes (born August 7, 1950) is a conservative American political activist, author and former diplomat, and perennial candidate for public office. He ran for President of the United States in 1996, 2000, and 2008, and was a Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in 1988, 1992, and 2004. Keyes served in the U.S. Foreign Service, was appointed Ambassador to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under President Ronald Reagan, and served as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1985 to 1987.” He’s lost to Dole, Bush and Obama thus far.

His running mate, Brian Rohrbough is a tragic figure: "Rohrbough is a small business owner in Colorado. His son, Daniel, was murdered in the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, profoundly affecting his life. He led efforts to get to the bottom of why the shootings happened, ultimately concluding that America’s culture of death was the root cause. Since then he has become involved in the pro-life movement.

Today he is the president of American Right to Life, an organization that is dedicated to ending abortion, a position in which he serves without compensation. He has appeared on numerous local and national television programs across the country."

What about the YGFFYRT Party?

San Diego county only has 6 candidates running for PotUS:

Obama, McCain, Keyes, Nader, McKinney, Barr.

Thanks for the write-ups on the 3rd party platforms, ShibbOleth. Entertaining reading, on some of them.

Info on Nader, Moore and Jay to come tomorrow (or Friday at the latest).

You know, I really was expecting Pat Buchanan’s America First Party, formed as it was from the substantial populist-nativist fragment of the Reform Party, would be a bigger deal by now. But it’s not even nominating its own candidate for POTUS this year, it’s encouraging members to choose between Barr (Libertarian) and Baldwin (Constitution). I would think the Constitution Party, with its religious-right emphasis, would have slightly narrower appeal than America First with its emphasis on culture and economics. (Also, Constitution comes out of a definite white Evangelical Protestant tradition, while America First should be more acceptable to the numerous conservative Catholics and other white “ethnics”.) Apparently there’s not enough of a base to support both.

Anybody else miss Lyndon LaRouche? Who is going to cheer our mission to Mars and fushion energy program and warn us about how the Satanic racist degenerate Albert Pike rules America from the grave?

Well, ever since his U.S. Labor Party folded, he always runs as a Democrat anyway. So we never hear about him in the general.

I kinda wish we still had Barry Commoner and the Citizens Party.

I for one miss Eugene V. Debs.

All you need to know about Bob Barr is what my roomate said back in college when he was our representative. “That man just looks like a penis to me.”

Had some automotive troubles last week that prevented me from doing the follow ups for the last few parties. Then I just (finally) heard a radio ad on Sports Talk radio today for Nader. Interestingly, it didn’t mention which party he’s running under.

Without further ado, let’s now take a look at Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez.

Above is from Wikipedia on the Nader campaign, which helps explain the lack of party affiliation with his radio commercial and his Campaign Website. In Florida he’s running as the Independent-Ecology Party (ECO)

The high level issues identified on Nader’s website are as follows:

According to their chart, these are all issues which Nader endorses or wants to examine, while Obama and McCain both have them “Off the table”. I’ve hyper-linked all of them so that you might read more if you wish. Some interesting ideas there, but I don’t agree with many of them. For example, although it might have been a good idea to impeach Bush/Cheney, or at least fun to imagine it, it’s not really practical at this point and not much of an Election platform.

I’m not going to bother going into detail about Nader – everyone knows or should know that he made his bones in Consumer protection, famously driving the Chevy Corvair off the market (not everyone thinks this was a good thing) – and then ran for President in 2000 and 2004, possibly changing the outcome of the 2000 election.

Matt Gonzalezis a Texan transplanted to San Francisco:

That was tremendously entertaining, Shibboleth. The whole thread. Very well done, indeed.

I’ve gone back a few times to re-read Gonzalez’ VP acceptance speech at the Green Party convention. The jaw always drops, and I am rendered speechless thus.

This next guy, Brian Moore, is practically a neighbor of mine… okay, he lives about 35 miles north of me in the sleepy town of Spring Hill, Florida. Even saw him on the Colbert Report a short while back. In Florida he’s running as the candidate for the Socialist Party of Florida, but the national standard seems to be the Socialist Party - USA, America’s Voice for Democratic Socialism. Colbert had Mr. Moore on after the Republicans started trying to label Obama as a Socialist, to ask if Obama were really a Socialist. Moore seemed no nuttier than most and was adamant that neither McCain nor Obama were Socialists. According to Moore, a true Socialist would have bailed out the people and not the corporations.

Here is their mission statement:

Their platform is a bit long winded, so I’ll attempt to summarize:

International Policy - Close all military bases that train or support foreign military and withdraw troops, including Iraq and Afghanistan. End Israeli occupation of West Bank and Gaza and withdraw all foreign aid for Israel. Cutoff military aid to places like Colombia. Abolish the CIA and NSA. Unconditional disarmament. International treaty to abolish all WMDs, including depleted uranium equipped conventional weapons. Immediate 50% cut in military budget with eventual goal of 10% of today. Disband NATO and similar, and all overseas bases. End to US overseas arms sales. Pay off UN debt, withdraw from Security council and veto power in UN. Constitutional amendment to require popular vote for any issues of war or military involvement. Soldiers have the right to form unions.
Labor** - Right to unionize without limit, public sector right to strike, recognize unions based on union cards signed. Democratic control of unions independent of employer domination and influence. Right of workers to collective action and self-representation regardless of union status. Support militant labor actions (long list of fun possibilities). Hold shop meetings on company premises. Repeal Hatch Act and Taft-Hartley Act., the “hot cargo” provision of the Landrum-Griffin Act, and all so-called “right to work” laws. Equal benefits for part-time and full-time workers. Increase Health and Safety regulations and powers of OSHA. Fund wages, health benefits and retraining costs in case jobs are lost due to environmental transition, down-sizing, corporate dismantlement or capital flight (editorial comment: why would any business person want to move their capital from such an idyllic environment?). Unions to stop using union funds to elect candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties.

Best part: 30 hour work week at current pay, with six weeks annual paid

Economics - Withdraw from pretty much every major trade agreement. Worker and community ownership and control of corporations (Ayn Rand just rolled over in her grave). Minimum wage of $15/hour indexed to Cost of Living. Full employment policy with a provision of a livable guaranteed annual income. Social ownership of all financial and insurance institutions operated by a democratically controlled national banking authority, including credit unions, mutual insurance co-ops and co-op state banks. Until then re-regulate banking and insurance industries. Steeply graduated income and estate taxes with a maximum income no more than 10x the minimum (150 an hour, methinks?). Oppose regressive taxes such as payroll, sales and property taxes. Restore capital gains and luxury taxes on a progressive, graduated scale. Compensation to communities affected by plant and base closings. Oppose the IMF, World Bank and WTO as tools of capitalist oppression. Demand cancellation of third world debt. Add a National Pension authority. Increase and expand welfare and unemployment assistance at 100% of income or minimum wage, whichever is greater. Federal investment in urban and rural areas for infrastructure and economic development. Equal tax benefits for renters and home-owners. Eliminate subsidies and tax breaks for corporations (corporate welfare).
Civil Rights - Good: Free Speech, Free Press, Free Assembly, Privacy, Religious Choice via Separation of Church and State. Bad: War on Terrorism and Patriot Act. Homeland Security and sweeping police powers. FBI. Any measure or criminal code which prevents dissent (anti-terror related, etc). Legislative and institutional censorship.

Want to create a world with open borders, with lots of rights for immigrants that decrease the disparity between industrialized and less developed countries. Universal Human Rights. Full citizenship rights after 6 months residency.

Free and fair elections with public financing of candidates. Strict limits of personal funds for elections. Oppose representation based on anything besides population (implies changes to EC and Senate). Eliminate EC and support instant run off balloting (there it is). Equal media access for all candidates. Full representation for DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and all Native American reservations. Restore rights to the incarcerated. Mandatory paper trail for voting.

Abolish the death penalty. Decriminalize drugs - spend money on rehabilitation instead. Federal safety standards and licensing for arms. Buyout programs to reduce guns in the community. Replace police with community residents trained in conflict resolution. Prisoner rights to unionize to call for better living conditions. Increase prosecution of criminal activity of politicians, corporate managers, and other privileged individuals.

Break up large media companies – no one company owning multiple news outlets. Nationalize satellite and cable companies. Public funding of newspapers and magazines. Repeal copyright extension laws. Public ownership of at least 50% of total bandwidth of the internet.

Environment - Public ownership and democratic control of all natural resources in order to conserve and preserve wilderness and restore environmental quality. US return to participation in environmental international agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocol and accept a major role in worldwide efforts to control global warming. Full financial responsibility of private companies to clean up their own waste and compensate workers and residents affected. Oppose policies that target minority communities for landfills, toxic waste disposal, incinerators. Enforce endangered species/habitat protections. Oppose new nuclear projects, phase out existing, and ban export of technology. Support recycling into public use projects. Shutdown incinerators and landfills. Oppose open pit mining. Support large scale environmental restoration.

Energy - Develop alternate energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wind, hydro, and biomass to end dependence on fossil fuels. Sliding scale index which favors low income people to ensure all have access to utilities. Ban all import of nuclear materials, vitrified or not.

Agriculture - Strong organic standards, reduce price supports for non-organic foods, and government incentives for conservation. Public ownership and worker control of corporate farms. Parity system that guarantees farmers a full return on production costs. Repudiation of current farm debts for working farmers. Return land to family farmers who lost land or equipment to foreclosure (same or equivalent). Ban genetically engineered crops. Encourage plant diversity and oppose creation, patenting and licensing of life forms. Oppose industrial meat production. Ban on irradiated foods. Right of farm workers to negotiate contracts with canneries. Country of origin labeling on agricultural products. Eliminate use of pesticides. Low cost loans, grants and technical help to farmers in order to shift production to from non-essentials to staple foods and fibers. Encourage re-introduction of hemp farming.

Animal Rights - Right of animals to live free from unnecessary pain and suffering. Support spay and neuter to prevent extermination due to overpopulation. Oppose entertainment that causes pain to animals. Ban fur trade. Extend inclusion and enforcement of Endangered Species Act. Ban on animal experimentation for product development; oversight board to examine and limit use of animals in scientific and medical research. Oppose factory farming processes.

Human Rights - Recognize human and civil rights without regard to sexual orientation. End all anti-gay, lesbian, bi-, and transgender restrictions in law and workplace, repeal all sodomy laws, legalize same-sex marriage. Call on schools to adopy policies and procedures to address and prevent student violence and band discrimination with regards GLBTQ people. Federal ban on all forms of sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination.

End institutional racism: Support affirmative action, civil right and anti-discrimination laws. Reparations for slave trade and Native American genocide. Support efforts of people of color to self defense, self-determination and organize independently for their liberation. Oppose English as an official language and call for an end to all language discrimination. Enforce Native American treaty rights, support tribal schools and colleges, living wages on reservations, democratize tribal wealth and power. Strict legal penalties for police practice of racial profiling and particularly condemn targeting of Arabs and Muslims since September 11th. Call for an end to police brutality and all forms of harassment against people of color and ethnic minorities.

Ratify UN Convention Rights of the Child. Lower voting age to 15. Children’s allowances. Free, quality education. Rights of minors to be freee of child abuse and neglect in all forms. Oppose measures that increase responsibilities and penalties on minor ostensibly to control crime. End to military draft registration and military recruiting in schools. Abolition parental consent required for reproductive health services. Comprehensive sex education including birth control methods, STD protection and GLBTQ info. Oppose age based curfews.

Oppose privatization of Social Security and use of SS trust funds for any other purpose. SS remains entirely public sector funded by taxes. Include all state and government workers in SS system. Right to retire at 55 with minimum annual income of $25K tax free and inflation protected. Cap SS benefits at 3x minimum. Increase in home service for seniors, including home meal delivery, personal aids and physical therapy to maintain quality of life. Jobs and training for seniors who do not wish to retire. Publicly funded and democratic senior centers that provide social and recreational activities and community involvement. Election of advocates and ombudspersons by seniors to ensure protections of senior rights. Hospice care and right to die with dignity in a manner of their choosing.

Full support for women’s right to choose when, if and how to have children, including right of free abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy. Repeal of Hyde Amendment. Ban all involuntary sterilizations. Local governments must place a priority on preventing violence on women - programs to educate, shelter and protect from abusers. Decriminalize prostitution and provide sex workers, and all women workers, with full range of health, social, legal services, and working conditions free from harassment, violence and exploitation. 16 months paid leave to be shared by new parents; expansion and full funding of child care facilities. Comprehensive education and training opportunities, comparable worth laws and affirmative action for women. Gender balance in the workplace.

Full enforcement of ADA so that all private and public building, facilities and modes of transportation are accessible and every effort made to employ persons with disabilities. Enforcement of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Full funding for a support network for all people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities. Continuation of SS benefits for people able to work part-time and affirmative action quotas for hiring people at union wages. Oppose federal efforts to limit access to SSDI by restricting definitions of who is a person with a disability. Amend Fair Credit Reporting Act to prohibit credit denial based on disability. Full funding of education and training.

Human Needs - support Arts and Culture, including grants and guaranteed income for artists and performers. Full funding for community and school arts programs, libraries, museums, cultural centers and historic sites, open and accessible to all. Preservation of literature, art, music, culture, etc. Autonomy of artists of color, women and disabled artists in their work. Right of artists to join and form unions and collectives to protect their rights and advance common artistic visions.

Full and equal funding for public education; restoration of a comprehensive K-12 curriculum including arts, music, world languages and physical education. End funding of all private school. Free tuition and full time teachers with full benefits at post-secondary levels. Public child care from infancy, and public education starting age 3. Oppose merit pay for teachers, standardized tests, intra-district school competition, sale of on-campus advertising and dependence on corporate largesse in post-secondary schools. Call for egalitarian educational system that accommodate a large variety of teaching and learning styles and afford all students the means to obtain post-secondary eduction if they wish. Maximum of 15 students / teacher in K-12, 50 in post secondary. Aggressive affirmative action programs so that faculty and student body reflect community make up. Student, parent and teacher control of curriculum formation. Student representation on school boards, with boards fully accountable to students, parents, teachers and school workers. Opportunities for life-long education. Free and open access to information. Oppose school sponsored prayer or any other religious practice.

Socialized health care, accessible to all, focused on prevention. Reinstatement of funding for mental health services. Right to refuse medical treatment, right to die, right to assisted suicide.

Rent control and affordable housing for all. Right of tenants to organize. Formation of non-profit land trusts and socially owned, tenant controlled housing cooperatives. End to home home foreclosures. Housing rehabilitation program to renovate and remodel homes and bring them up to hosuign and safety codes.

Extensive public transportation in both urban and rural areas. Fully funded high speed national rail system with fares low enough to be a viable alternative to automobile travel. End expansion of interstate system and reduce reliance on internal combustion engine. Government subsidized programs to expand safe foot and bicycle paths. Pedestrian ways, excluding motorized traffic, accesible by mass transit, in downtown areas. Publicly funded development of renewable fuel sources. Federally funded auto insurance. Public ownership and worker control of the airline industry.


Free pie and ice cream for everyone.

Okay, I added that bit

Sounds doable, no?