Third Party Candidates

I got my sample ballot today and will vote tomorrow. Here are all of the Presidential and Vice Presidential choices on my ballot:

John McCain REP
Sarah Palin

Barack Obama DEM
Joe Biden

Gloria La Riva PSL
Eugene Puryear

Chuck Baldwin CPF
Darrell Castle

Gene Amondson PRO
Leroy Pletten

Bob Barr LBT
Wayne A. Root

Thomas Roberts Stevenns OBJ
Alden Link

James Harris SWP
Alyson Kennedy

Cynthia McKinney GRE
Rosa Clemente

Alan Keyes AIP
Brian Rohrbough

Ralph Nader ECO
Matt Gonzalez

Brian Moore SPF
Stewart Alexander

Charles Jay BTP
John Wayne Smith

So I am doing my due diligence and wondered what some (or most) of these parties were. Who would I vote for if I wanted to “throw my vote away”? Which of the third parties will get the most votes? Which is the most nutty, outrageous or just plain scary? This is a Florida ballot, btw, so your choices might differ. I’m going to go through and find out who each of these parties are, what they stand for, and a bit about their nominees. Some of them may be familiar to you.

Feel free to jump in with your inputs, insights, experiences, your choices for best and worst of the list.

We’ll skip over the Republicans and Democrats. There’s enough other stuff out there on the web, the media, and on this site alone to fill volumes. Let’s look at “the little guys”.

First up, the PSL - Party for Socialism and Liberalism.

Party for Socialism and Liberalism, they have an image of Che Guevara on their website’s masthead. Obama will be shocked to learn that he is NOT the most liberal candidate out there. I mean, if he were, then one would expect that HE would have wrapped up the PSL nomination.

From their website, they are:

Full information at their website here.

From what I can find, La Riva has run for President on a number of previous occasions under various proletariat platforms and is a Castro fan. She was born in Albuquerque, NM, one of the toughest cities to spell. Her running mate, Puryear, is a 22 year old Harvard student, and thus not eligible to hold office, should he be magically elected.

I’m going to say this sounds like a fun little party, earnest with a grip on 1930s socialist reality. If we get another Great Depression their time could be at hand. La Riva is kind of hot in a “woman of the working people sort of way”. I could see Selma Hayek playing the young La Riva in an arthouse film.

Howard, not Harvard. Not that that should dissuade anybody who’s thinking about voting for them.

Next on our list, CPF - Constitution Party of Florida.

Ok, their website calls them the “Official Constitution Party of Florida” (accept no substitutes). They used to be called the US Taxpayers Party. Easy to see why they changed their name – no one wants to be a taxpayer, that’s like calling yourself the Poor Working Slobs Party – on the other hand, it’s hard to say why any party would tie itself to only one state for a national election. I don’t think Florida quite has the required 270 electoral votes yet. Let’s forge on and learn more.

Hmm, this is interesting:

Here are their (other) platform planks:

Sorry, that one was a bit long, but it was kind of hard to just pull a piece of that and make any sense of it. I’m having trouble making sense of it’s entirety. Anyone want to translate?

Ok, this stuff goes on for a while, so I’ll give a synopsis of the rest:

**Congress **is bloated, overpaid, overstaffed and shouldn’t receive pensions.

Conscription (the draft) should be illegal.

Oppose any Constitutional Conventions (even though they seem to want a theocracy).

Congress should retain control of Copyrights and Patents.

Against** Big Government **and against the high national debt.

States should be responsible for controlling crime and executing criminals (see Sanctity of Life section above). Also against designating crimes as “hate crimes” since that would federalize crimes.

Strong on defense; against disarmament and withdrawal from foreign bases (Panama is specifically cited as an example).

Domestic federal “aid” not authorized by the Constitution is not only illegal, it is immoral.”

Against Drug Abuse and support states rights to limit drug traffic, but caution against impingement on civil liberties.


Want to abolish the Department of Education, essentially saying that parents should educate their children, so I guess they want everyone to home school in the way that god intended.

For election reform, including repeal of the Voting Rights Act of 1974, Federal Election Campaign Act, Federal Election Commission and McCain-Feingold.

Reform of the Electoral College to pre-1830s format.

Abolish the Department of Energy, yet focus on making the US self-sustaining with regards to energy.

It is god’s wish that we protect and preserve the** environment**, but they call for the repeal of Wetlands and Environmental protections, the abolishment of the Endangered Species Act and protection against Imminent Domain.

Against the use of Executive Orders.

Family: Marriage is between a man and his woman. Against “unnatural acts”, homosexual unions of any kind. Families should be allowed to discipline their children as they see fit. Against adoption by singles or homosexual couples. “We affirm both the authority and duty of Congress to limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in all cases of state sodomy laws in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2.”

For Guns, Against Gambling, Against **World Government **and call for withdrawal from the United Nations and NATO, strict isolationist including abolition of Foreign Aid.

Against Government Health Care and favor a moratorium on Immigration except in extreme hardship cases (going for the Cuban vote?)

Against lifetime terms for Justices and support that Judge in Alabama who wanted to post the Ten Commandments.

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and go back to banking the way that the constitution original described.

Support free speech by abolishing obscenity (at least that’s how I read it, didn’t make sense.

Oppose tyranny of the Federal Government to regulate religious expression in any place (see Alabama Courthouse and Ten Commandments)

Phase out Social Security.

Oppose **statehood **for DC or PR.

State Sovereignty: “The federal government has no authority to mandate policies relating to state education, natural resources, transportation, private business, housing, health care, ad infinitum.”

For Tariffs, Against NAFTA, GATT and the WTO.

Taxes: "We propose legislation to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, and will veto any authorization, appropriation, or continuing resolution which contains any funding whatsoever for that illicit and unconstitutional agency. We are opposed to the flat-rate tax, national sales tax, and value added tax proposals that are being promoted as an improvement to the current tax system. The Sixteenth Amendment does not provide authority for an un-apportioned direct tax.

Moreover, it is our intention to replace, with a tariff based revenue system supplemented by excise taxes, the current tax system of the U.S. government (including income taxes, payroll taxes, and estate taxes.)"

Terrorism and Personal Liberty: “We deplore and vigorously oppose legislation and executive action, that deprive the people of their rights secured under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments under the guise of “combating terrorism” or “protecting national security.” Examples of such legislation are the National Security Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the proposed Domestic Securities Enhancement Act (colloquially known as “Patriot II”).”

For Veterans and Veterans Benefits.

Against Wage and Price Controls.

**Welfare **is against the Bible commandment condemning theft and should be replaced with Christian Charity.

Whew, that was fun. I’d rate these guys as first rate Christian nutters with some libertarian and isolationist tendencies, where it doesn’t interfere with their right to condemn pornography or “unnatural” and immoral lifestyles. Recommend this Party to your fundamentalist friends and relatives who are mistakenly thinking about voting for Palin/McCain in 08.

Sorry, wasn’t wearing my glasses. I stand corrected.

Left out information about Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle. Baldwin was a Republican but became disillusioned with Bush and has criticized him and Cheney as being “too liberal”. He was head of Florida’s Moral Majority and founder of the Pensacola Church of the Crossroads (it’s seen as a bit of a cult in Florida, don’t know about other places). From Wiki: Baldwin summarizes Muslim persecution of Christians by saying, “Only communism rivals Islam in sheer numbers of people persecuted and killed.”

List Andrew Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee along with George Washington Carver, Booker T. Washington and several biblical and historical figures (Abraham, Elijah, Martin Luther, etc). He sees Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson as the two worst American presidents. He endorsed Ron Paul and Wiki claims that Ron Paul has endorsed him.

Baldwin beat out Alan Keyes at the Constitution Party national convention. Darrell Castle, a Memphis lawyer, was named as his running mate. Castle is a retired Marine.

Since the Libertarians have a somewhat well-known candidate this year in Barr, I think they’ll get a few more votes than the Greens or Nader as an independent.

The Constitution Party always struck me as pretty crazy. The Natural Law Party was WAAAY out there, but I see they’ve gone the way of the Maharishi.

Let’s see if the next one on the list, the PRO - the Prohibition Party. I think this one might have trouble recruiting on college campuses. Not often you see prohibition and party in the same sentence.

Before I forget, here’sGene Amondson’s weblink. There is a clip there of his guest spot on The Daily Show. He also has a MySpace page, but I’ll leave that to the curious reader to find for himself.

Their platforms is summed in the following bullet points. They don’t seem to put too much effort into it. I guess they know that no one is going to take them too seriously.

Summary, old school fundamental, nutty but insignificant. Amondson is from Alaska, so maybe he’ll siphon off some Palin votes. He lists his profession as a “Temperance Lecturer” and does impersonations of prohibitionist Billy Sunday.

His running mate, Leroy Pletten, “a historian and anti-alcohol advocate – first joined the Prohibition Party in 1998. Since then, he’s become State Chair in Michigan and the National Secretary of the party. Pletten, 58, was originally from Minnesota. He each his B.A. degree in history from the University of Minnesota in 1967 and later served as a civilian employee of the Army. He lost a race for local school board in 2003 as the party’s nominee (6%) – but notes in party literature that he’s “been elected twice to the board of directors of his condominium owner’s association.””

But where is his executive experience? I fear that I cannot vote for him because of this.:smiley:

Next up, LBT - Libertarian Party. This one has appeal to a lot of people, at least in purely hypothetical form, and through folks like Ayn Rand the message is out there.

Let’s see where they stand on the issues:

Barr is a former Republican Congressman who represented Georgia. His running mate, Wayne A. Root, is an entreprenuer, television producer best-selling author, and professional sports handicapper, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve heard his name a lot on local Sports Talk radio commercials, promising to help me beat the Vegas Odds makers. A strange combination.

In their favor, these guys do put together a nice, easy to access website:

First, thanks for the very interesting thread. I’m looking forward to the rest of them.

I find it fascinating that the loony-right Constitution fan has an even more left plank in their platform than any other party: the nationalization of close to every single industry. It’s almost as though they didn’t realize the consequences of seizing every scrap of intellectual property in the US.

I just got my mail in ballot and less than half of those listed in the OP are on it. Baldwin, Barr, Nader, McKinney and of course, McCain and Obama.

Do you vote in Florida or somewhere else?

Assassinations and civil war?

Florida used to have some of the most restrictive ballot access laws in the country, but now has perhaps the most generous. Most of us will have fewer choices than the OP.

In particular, I’ve never seen the Prohibitionists on the ballot in Illinois. How am I supposed to Fight for my Right to Not Party?

Next up, OBJ - the Objectivist Party.

. They’re entire Platform seems to exist of Ayn Rand quotes, so if Ayn was your girl, and whose girl wasn’t she, the little minx, then this may be the Political Party for you!

I figured I’d make it easy on myself and quote this in it’s entirety since it is quoted, in it’s entirety, and also annotated. Original thinkers, they’re not.

Dr. Tom Stevens is a professor, attorney & politician running for the office of President of the United States in the 2008 United States presidential election. Dr. Stevens is running for the Objectivist Party.

“Dr. Tom Stevens has appeared on over 200 national talk shows. He is the host of “In Focus”, a television show. Dr. Stevens graduated from New York University and Hofstra University School of Law.” - Wikipedia

Stevens founded the party and was also previously a Ron Paul supporter. He adds, in his website bio:

“Dr. Stevens is a true adventurer. He has visited 49 of the 50 states (all but Alaska) and has travelled to Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Vatican City. During those trips, he has jet skied, gone parasailing, white water rafting, speed boating and deep sea fishing. He has visited countless Native Nation reservations, taken Eco-Tourism Excursions in Oregon, been on a number of Photo Safaris in Sabi Sabi, South Africa, visited the natural wonders of 5 Hawaiian Islands (which included a small plane fly-by of the leper colony on Molokai), hiked through the Black Hills of South Dakota (in the footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt), skied in the Swiss Alps, spotted elk in Banff, saw the fallout of the eruption of Mount St. Helens first hand, and risked arrest meeting anti-government political leaders in secret locations in the rural areas of the Republic of South Africa while on a diplomatic trip to that country.”

Alden Link sought, but obviously did not get, the Libertarian Presidential nod, so now he’s second banana on this ticket. His bio at the Objectivist site says “Alden Link is an entrepreneur, real estate developer and aviator.” He thinks that nuclear energy holds great promise, and that radical Islam and illegal immigration are our greatest threats. It doesn’t say, but I’ll infer, that he also likes long moonlit walks on the beach, drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Well, I must say that any candidate who has taken “Eco-Tourism Excursions in Oregon” has to be very seriously considered! If only he had condo board experience…

Seriously, thanks for putting this up, Shib, very entertaining and educational! I am just popping in to confirm that, per the current New Yorker’s article on Bob Barr, Ron Paul has indeed endorsed the Monster Raving Loony, uh, I mean, Constitution Party candidate. This relieves Mr. Paul of the small amount of my respect he had previously enjoyed. Looking over their platform, what on Earth does “Reform of the Electoral College to pre-1830s format” mean?? Only property-owning white men get to vote? Or do black men count for 3/5?? I’m sure if I did more than just skim their platform I could come up with a lot more :confused:.

Here is that section of their platform in toto:

Those considering voting the Boston Tea Party ticket should be aware that the party has split in two. Presidential nominee Charles Jay has led his faction out of the national organization following an endorsement dispute with national chairman Jim Davidson. Jay now represents the Boston Tea Party of Florida.

As for their platform, it has the virtue of conciseness. Here it is in its entirety:

The Boston Tea Party of Florida is probably the one on my ballot. But after that dust up we had with the Boston Red Sox last week I probably won’t be casting my ballot for anything with Boston in the title. I do have a Boston Cream Cake in the fridge, though. One of Mrs Shibb’s co-workers is from the area and likes to give those to her. Not sure if it was for gloating about the Sox or penance for their loss.