This Appeared Over My SDMB Home Page As A Banner

So, since this is the “straight dope”, then this should be on the up and up, right? And since I live right here in Carrollton, Georgia and so does Kelly Richards… well dayum, how can I miss???




You’re wrong. She lives in Modesto, Ca. :smiley:

Curious, as I see it she lives in a different typeface from the rest of th,e story.

She must have moved to Bangkok. That’s where she is now.

I fell for this one a couple of years ago. It’s a scam to get you to spend money on a useless CD telling you how to make money online. Then they charge you every month on your credit card.

I saw the CNN logos and thought it might be something legitimate. It’s not.

BTW, it tells me she lives in San Diego.

She must be making a fortune. She’s got houses everywhere. :smiley:

Yikes–I’d almost like the link in the OP to be broken, since when I try to close the window, it brings up one of those dialog boxes that forces me to click “OK” to close it, and I’m really really skeevy about clicking “OK” on any website’s dialog box, not sure whether it’s actually prompting me to click OK to install vicious software or something.

Thanks, samclem!

Yeah, uh… thanks, samclem. Now let’s get the message to Creative Loafing.



No, she lives in Oxford, K2.

I didn’t notice the world’s second-largest mountain moving into the neighborhood, but it has been a little foggy lately.

Global warming has accelerated continental drift.

You can close that window as well without saying “OK”.

I assume that the scammers put a “State”-field after the city, and the code gets confused when the city is outside the US.

Otherwise, I would like to point out that being a 14 year old mother who lost her job at 13 and is now working from home is not regular at all.

My employer has blocked that site. What don’t they want me to know?!!

Snopes’ take on the subject at hand.

As a child, pre-Internet days, a friend’s father and one of his buddies took out one of those classified ads that said for a small fee, they’d send a certain number of guaranteed money-making ideas. I don’t think they got a single response, but my friend said if they had, they had planned just to send back suggestions like go door to door and offer to paint house-address numbers on the end of the driveways. These things always remind me of ads like that.