This bullshit with the post office has got to go

As a showman, Trump must know that messing with the post office isn’t going to make him popular. But as a crooked would-be dictator, he doesn’t care. All he has to do is suppress mail-in voting just enough among anti-Trump voters in swing states to eke out 270 electoral votes.

And in the process of sabotaging the mail, he’s fucking with all of us. Delays in delivering medication and livestock that die in shipping are the tip of the iceberg.

I rely on the post office. I need it in order to run my business. I’m finding ways to stay viable despite the slowdown, but I shouldn’t have to–especially during a pandemic, when many of us are relying more than ever on getting and making shipments for pretty much everything. Oh, and all the effort I’m putting into working around the USPS is effort taken from many other things–like improving my website, finding and learning to use new online tools, etc. Shitty postal service is making it much harder for me to stay viable. Fuck this.

All the Republican yammering about the lack of profitability of the USPS is pure BS. The USPS isn’t meant to be profitable. It’s meant to provide a service in the public interest, like the national parks or the FBI. And the USPS would demand a lot less federal money if they didn’t have the ludicrous requirement to fund retirement costs decades in advance–a requirement no other federal agency has.

Like almost everyone else in the US right now, I’m already exhausted. I’m like a duck–afloat and gliding gracefully on the surface, but with tons of frantic paddling underneath. This bullshit with the post office makes my paddling–and that of so many other people–an awful lot harder.

Fuck DeJoy. Fuck the USPS board of governors. Fuck Trump, whose lackeys the board and DeJoy are. And fuck every single senator and representative who voted for the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) of 2006, which helped pave the way for Trump and Co. to undermine the USPS–and maybe close it down entirely, if they can manage it. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

I feel ya; please vote.

Of course I’m voting. But I’m in New York. New York is definitely going blue, and the state just passed legislation making mail-in voting much easier, even with the USPS slowdown. My vote isn’t the issue.

He is not a showman. He’s a bullshitter. There’s a fucking big difference between the two.

He’s a helluva lot more than a bullshitter, he’s a pathological liar and he’s dangerous because of it.

True. But he’s certainly no showman.

But it’s somewhat entertaining to see what shit he pulls next. It’s really quite unbelievable.

Horrifying, not entertaining.

Honest government ad about the postal service.

And hooray for civil disobedience!

Apparently, managers in the Seattle/Tacoma area and Dallas have decided to use the sorting machines, despite DeJoy’s orders. Good for them! I hope the people who decided to defy DeJoy don’t get fired or prosecuted for having backbones and making sure the mail goes through.

I agree with every word. My business is also dependent on an efficient postal service, and my clients are nervous about mail arriving timely to us. My posties are wonderfully dedicated and will move planets to make sure I receive my mail. They once told me that my mail volume was one of the primary factors that their post office was not subsumed into a larger one some years ago. But they can only deliver what they receive. So if there are slowdowns in other parts of the country, there are also slowdowns for us.

This illegitimate, corrupt “administration” has fucked with my life in almost every conceivable way since it wrested control of the government into their grubby mitts 4 years ago. I can’t wait to see the backs of every one of them. Preferably in cuffs, ankle bracelets and orange. May as well color coordinate for the many legal proceedings.

I hope Oregon follows Washington’s example of civil disobedience!

Here are some things all Americans can do to save the USPS and protect the vote this November.

Contact your senators, your representative, and your state attorney general. Oh, and tell all the members of the USPS Board of Directors to fire DeJoy and restore our postal service.

It’s not just a government service, but one of the few explicitly established in the Constitution. They’re shitting on the Founding Fathers when they go after it.

Did all those. Twice, once before DeJoy’s testimony and again afterward when I saw reports that they were still disassembling sorting machines.

House passes $25B Post Office relief bill.

Moments after the House officially passed its bill, McConnell issued a statement calling the bill a “stunt” and stating that the Senate will not pass it.

Come Wednesday when I get a check, I’m tossing $100 into Amy McGrath’s pot.

Good show. McConnell does seem to be glorying in his fundamental loathsomeness, doesn’t he?

I’ve wondered if he lays awake at night, scheming how he can violate US norms even further.

Today, Lynch asked bluntly about the machines. Here’s the full exchange:

Lynch: “Will you put the machines back?”
DeJoy: “The rest of your accusations are actually—”
Lynch: “Will you, will you put the high-speed machines back?”
DeJoy: “No, I will not”
Lynch: “You will not?”
DeJoy: “Will not.”
Lynch: " You will not? Well there you go."


Dejoy is the one Trump official where I’d be the most mad if he never does time.