This can't be right (speed ticket statistic)

So I’m on this site reading about Cadillacs 2008 CTS when I notice a banner ad on the top for Escort radar detectors saying “one in 4 drivers will get a ticket today”

That can’t be right. But I went on their web site and couldn’t find where they got this number. I tried searching but I can’t find actually percentages of how many drivers actually are cited. Any help is appreciated.

I would have a very hard time swallowing that, For example, Fresno, CA population 400,000 and change. If only 25% of those people drive you are still talking 25,000 tickets per day. I would have a hard time imagining much more than 200-300 traffic tickets are written in a given day.

Now…if they were counting individual charges

Excessive speed
no insurance
bad attitude oops broken taillight
expired tags
loaded gun under seat
open container

I could see where there could be many more but .25% sounds more like a reality based number.

Either entirely made up or wrongly quoted. It would imply that each driver gets a ticket seven or eight times a month, on average, month in month out. I think not.

Maybe “one in four drivers will get a ticket this year”, but even that seems excessively high to me.

The ad doesn’t generate any income unless someone clicks on it. I’d guess that’s your answer. My grandad used to say; “believe nothing that you read and only half of what you see”.

I see sites citing “one in four per year”.

Somebody out there must be getting my share of the tickets. Even if you threw in tickets to theaters and athletic events:rolleyes:, I can’t see how it stands up.