This can't possibly be a real laptop, can it?


Seems liks quite the load of bull. Maybe. maybe it’s based on possible technology that might be used in the future, and that laptop is a fake, or maybe a ‘mock-up’ of what a real one would look like. It just doesn’t seem possible. Especially since the “drives” look like nothing more than compact flash cards.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

I call bullshit. There’s no way that there’s 2 TB of flash memory there. A 6.x Ghz processor I could imagine, but it wouldn’t run at comparable speeds to a Pentium, or it would overheat and die immediately.

Look at the industrial products page.

Somebody got a Radio Shack Grab Bag and had some fun.

Looks like a stereo mini plug.

Most of that shit looks like the crappy concept models I built when I was 10.


The company is listed as an exhibitor on the CES web site:

It might be vaporware, but I don’t think it’s a hoax web site.

Also from that site:

Sorry, chief, but the size difference is not enough to make me pay that much for storage when I can get a 500Gb harddrive for $0.71 per Gb.

Read this and tell me you don’t see that it’s a transparent hoax. Everything on the page is pure bunkum. This is a good bit:

It’s good enough for a Star Trek script, but it’s a ludicrous hodgepodge of basic holography, unobtanium, and imaginary physics. It doesn’t begin to make any kind of sense.

Can’t possible work. They connected the interocitor to the transtator out of phase. Somebody could get hurt.

Just reverse the polarity and everything will be just fine.

Yeah, but then your interphasic quadrature grid will be out of alignment. And that, of course, leads to optoelectronic cascade failure during critical state transition periods.

Damn your logic!!

Then you’re fucked.

Not if you crosslink it to the main deflector dish, where excess plasma can be bled off. Done it a hundred times.

:smack: Of course! This also solves the problem of asynchronous crosstalk suppression on the lateral multiplexor bus.

I wonder how long it will take Quantum Corporation, a large manufacturer of storage devices, to jump all over these guys’ asses for having the gall to write "Quantum[sup]TM[/sup] " on their vaporware storage device.

I’m curious about this “bluetoth” stuff. Sounds new.

And this “Glare type LCD”

Just how much glare does this new technology provide?

If it’s not at least 40 tera-quads, it ain’t worth it.

You’ll be blinded. With science.

Also, where’s the “4 way scrolling button” on the

All I see are the two generic L+R mouse click keys below the touchpad. The 4 way scroll button must be there… *somewhere. *