This cartoon is hilarious

It may take a while to load, but it’s worth it. I was laughing aloud for quite a few minutes after I had read it.

(btw: It’s not animated)


While I agree 100% with the cartoon’s message (DMCA Is Evil); I don’t find it laugh-out-loud funny.

Sorry, but IMHO that was dumb, and unfunny (Calling someone a “vagina”? Was this written by a third-grader?). Which is quite remarkable, given that I usually find immature humor funny and I actually agree with the cartoon’s message.

That was the most unfunny thing I’ve seen in a long time. And I, too, usually can get a laugh from juvenile humor.
What exactly did you find so amusing, MSK?

Wow. So not funny.

Pitifully, sorrowfully unfunny.

This is funny.

Hell, even this is funny, if only by comparison.

Hell, even Camp Chaos managed a larf with Napster Bad. You don’t need a razor wit to capitalize on the inherent humour of the RIAA’s ludicrous position.

But you need to try a little harder than the glue-huffing wretch that cut & pasted the abortion in the OP together did. And having the sense to use an indexed bitmap over a high-quality .jpg file when you’re working with a palette of ten colours would lessen my contempt, slightly. (A 787x960x10 bitmap is 90k, about half the size of buddy’s jpg, and no compression artifacts. I’d forgive him for being a moron but according to his website, he’s frigging employed as a graphic designer. You’re supposed to know basic stuff like that.)

What a let-down. :wink:


Hell, I thought it was funny.

“Napster Bad” is an Oscar-winner compared to the drooling piece of crap the OP recommended.

Are you guys kidding? I actually did laugh out loud when I came to the final frame. I agree with the OP – I think it’s hilarious.

Mildly amusing. Interesting juxtaposition of teenage humor and blandly professional artwork. If the artwork had been as crude as the humor, it wouldn’t work (to the extent that it does).

The cartoon made me LMAO because of its bad writing, good drawing, and the totally off the wall ending. That last frame is just so f’n bizarre.

Ingruousness is funny.

Classic example: movie - Strange Brew - The scene where their dog rolls backwards up the roof of the house. Totally out of place, and without purpose and that’s why it’s funny.

#$%! That was supposed to say “incongruousness”

Without purpose?

He gave the cops the disk in a vain attempt to get back at Bob & Doug for forgetting to feed him.

Rolling backwards up the roof is not gratuitous incongruousness, but yet another Hamlet reference, though such an obscure one that it’s forgivable if it went by ya: “How cheerfully on the false trail they cry! O, this is counter, you false Danish dogs!”

That’s why it’s funny.

It’s also funny because folks in the Bob & Doug demographic very rarely have any consciousness that each scene is loaded with Shakespearean jokes, (which is probably why the movie tanked so heavily- the people who saw it didn’t get it, and the people who’d get it wouldn’t see it.) Brilliantly written.

The cartoon I could take or leave.

Just wondered, though – [serious, off-topic enquiry] is “incongruousness” an Americanism for “incongruity”? [/serious off-topic enquiry]

I looked for “incongruity” in my Merriam Webster Collegaite Dictionary, when I was typing that. It wasn’t there. The closest thing it had was “incongruousness.”

Not funny…until the very last sentence. That had me laughing out loud.