This College stuff is easier than I remembered

Summer grades out today and I’m all smiles. Took nutrition (interesting) and health science math. :rolleyes: (I thought calculus would get me out of that, but noooo.)

The first actual on campus class was today (others were all internet based). Finding a parking spot almost made me late, was nervous as hell thinking all eyes were on the geezer. These kids dress like freaks by the way . . . It all came in focus when I got to class.

The class itself is a sort of multidisciplinary look at environmental topics. It has sections from the Communication Dept, the Geography Dept., and the Economics Dept. It seems very student driven, 60% of the final grade comes from three papers. Large auditorium style lecture, but felt I had more in common with the profs. I walked out pretty confident. Abnormal Pysch tomorrow. Sounds like fun.

I start again on the 25th. I decided on Geography as my science, so I hope that’s interesting. I think I’ve got an easy semester. God knows…

Geography (GIS in particular) interests me, but what doesn’t anymore :slight_smile:

Looking through the course catalogs anymore is like being first in line at an intellectual buffet. Not as much freedom to pick up extra courses “just because” this time around, but I’m sure I’ll try.

My classes started yesterday. I had the first meeting of a PE class that I’m taking because I’ll be 30 in about 2 weeks, but that involved us going over the syllabus. This one was at 10AM - because I know what parking is like the first couple of weeks of the semester, I got to campus at 8.

My other class was at 5:45 PM, and I’m a little worried about it - I’ve heard it’s a tough class, but I think the end result will be worth it.

No more academic classes until Monday, although swimming meets tomorrow. Enough time to go through the first assignment for last night’s class!

I’ve managed a schweet schedule again. No classes before 1pm. Granted, I’ll be there into the evening, but I’m a night person. Oh, and Fridays off. Three day weekends EVERY WEEK!

I’m done by 11a Monday through Friday. Then I get to go home and sleep (working nights).

It wasn’t abnormal psych, it was developmental. :smack:

Personally, the harder a class is for me, the harder I work at it. Strangely enough, I tend to do better in challenging classes than ‘easy’ classes. With an easy class, I’ll tend not to give it much priority-I’ll also be more willing to settle for a lower grade if it means a significant decrease in time I have to dedicate to that class.

With a challenging class, its all about having to remember to do everything assigned, study everything, think about the class all the time, and always think that I need to work hard because I’m always feeling like I’m tottering on failing the class. The hard classes are always the ones where I think I did horrible and then am shocked to discover how well I actually did. Funny example-

I had a very hard time with spanish 1A last year, and was very frustrated. I was at my wits end during the final, and really felt like I forgot everything we had gone over that semester. When I got my final back (the instructor did finals early to get them over with) I was flabbergasted at my score- 94%! I told him, “There must be some mistake, are you sure you didn’t get these digits in the wrong order?” because I had really felt convinced I had bombed the final.