This could be the best internet researcher of 2017

Fitting into MPSIMS, someone on Stackexchange posted the following reply to a user who was concerned about the imagery used to illustrate the letter “Y” with an “axe” on a cheap plastic alphabet-illustrated ball owned by her 1 year old.

One must admire both the tenacity and the fervour that is displayed by the person who answered. That is dedication.

Wow! That’s some SD-level snooping there :slight_smile:

Holy crap, that was nothing short of amazing.

Now if only we can employ that person to see if a plane on a treadmill…

As soon as I saw the catalogue page scan, I thought, “that’s some Saga Noren-level snooping there.”!

Thanks for posting that. Fun read! Combined with Bricker’s “Academic Legends” thread, this has been a good couple of days for vicariously enjoying others’ sleuthing!

Is this what you’re referring to?

Yeah. That was another good story.

That’s cool, and I wouldn’t be able to come up with that.

That said, the handle is a little bendy for an axe. The first answer (between the question and the main one, don’t know how SE sorts them) suggests that’s it’s yellow ink, and that was my first thought before reading the page.

And “concerned about the imagery” from this OP made me think it was some person objecting to a “weapon of war” :rolleyes: