This (ebay auction) is copyright infringement, right?

In searching for murals on ebay, I ran across a seller offering these types of things. The webpage for the auction makes no mention of permission to use the images, and they are very recognizable. I don’t see how anyone could claim it’s their own interpretation of fairy tales, as it’s very clearly Disney Animation that had been copied by an individual. Am I missing something, or is this exactly what it looks like?

It most likely is copyright infringement. And Disney is known to be particularly vigorous in protecting their copyrights; they were one of the companies that spearheaded the Copyright Term Extension Act that extended copyright length. I’m sure the artist will be hearing from Disney’s lawyers soon.



You may remember that in 1989 the opening sequence at the Academy Awards included an actress dressed as Snow White. The Disney studio was not pleased and threatened legal action, after which the AMPAS apologized. So if Disney isn’t going to let slide a copyright violation by the motion picture academy, it’s certainly not going to let slide a violation by an individual.

There have been numerous cases of Disney lawyers going after daycares that display hand-painted Disney characters on the sides of their buildings.

In my hometown, there is a trucking company that operates out of a small storefront on Main Street. The front of the building is inexplicably covered with Disney characters (the company is general transport, nothing at all to do with the characters, who all appear in various generic “waving” poses). There don’t appear to be any copyright or trademark symbols neear any of the characters, so I’m assuming they don’t have Disney’s permission to use them…but I’ve never heard anything about lawyers going after them.

Yes, I’d say that was copyright infringement.

I used to pass by two places that got shut down: Super Dave’s Auto Glass. He used the logo and everything. I don’t expect the owner of that image was too happy about it. The other was a restaurant called Flintstone’s, all outfitted like a scene out of The Flintstones. Paintings of the characters were all over the walls, and menu items were named after characters from the show. They were gone inside of a month. I’m waiting for them to catch up with Gumby’s Pizza.

Maybe they figure that anyone foolish enough to mistake the resteraunt for the show deserves the pizza they get? :smiley:

All I can say is damn that wall mural is UGLY!!! They should be sued for bad taste.