This embarrasses me


Don’t know which person did it. Childish actions never get good press from me.

(apologies to Hillary)

Heehee… I dunno, I thought it was pretty damn funny. It’s a practical joke!

That would be “Left ing Conspiracy”.

I thought it was kind of a cute prank, myself.

Didn’t think I had to explain it.

Yes, I knew it was a prank. Ha. Ha.

If we were all teenagers in highschool, I might have chuckled as well or suggested trading the “W” for the ‘escape’ key or something.

These were adults. Who knew their actions would be noted and reported. And, intentional distruction of govermental means that they’ll have to order new keyboards, paid for w/taxpayer funds. That takes it out of the realm of funny, ha. ha. to me.


Card carrying fuddy duddy, apparently.

Childish? Come on… it was funny! If I knew the next person to occupy my office was going to be George W. Bush, I would have done much worse.

I think it’s a fitting end to the Clinton legacy. Wheter you agree or disagree, you have to admit that it was strangely apropriate. From a conservative standpoint it shows the childishness and pettiness of the Clinton administration, much like him saying that Bush didn’t really win. From a liberal standpoint it’s damn funny, and shows the fun and jollies that Clinton had.

This is certainly more funny than Kissinger’s cherry bomb flushing sayanara.

Heh, I would have just switched all the letters around. It would have taken them weeks to figure that one out. :wink:

Oooh, no I would have found a bunch of old keyboards, taken off all the "w"s and put three on each computer, then sent them a treasure map to find all the other letters. It would have been funny and a team building exercise for the new staff…you know, because I’d make it so they’d have to work together to find all the missing letters.

Also, I would have made a scan of my butt the screensaver on all the computers.

Sigh. I wish I were part of a departing administration. Some people have all the luck. :frowning:

Destroying government property. That’s real funny.

What, no taternavel.jpg for their desktops?


I found that highly amusing.

I dunno Uncle Beer, destroying government property may not be funny, but joking about it sure is. It’s not as funny as say mocking a condemned woman’s plea for clemency, but it’s up there. :wink:

And Punha the taternavel is strictly for the enjoyment of liberal Democrats. The taterbutt is nonpartisan. :smiley:

taternavel? taternavel.jpg? Me want.

Yes, it was funny. Yes, it was childish.

I don’t have a problem with the prank (and the official Bush response has been lighthearted as well “it was going to be ‘wow’ but now it is just ‘o’”).

My only problem is the apparent damage to some of the keyboards. It isn’t that hard to take the keys off a keyboard without breaking them.

Besides, what they should have done was remapped the keyboard so that all keys typed “w”.

Anyone know how much this little ‘prank’ will cost?

Not that I’m siding with the Republicans, mind you. Personally, I think both sides spend taxpayer money with reckless abandon.

Oh please, it probably didn’t cost much, and knowing the government the keyboards would probably been replaced in an upgrade soon anyways. I imagine most of the “damage” has been played up by the incoming staffers, I mean really, its hard to break a keyboard this way.

That said, its funny. Get a life people. Its nice to see someone in Washington not being slanderous to the other party, and just playing a joke. So far it seems the GOP has taken it lightly as well, I’d like to see more of this type of competitiveness instead of independant councils and shit.

I have an admittedly juvenile sense of humor, but it made me laugh. I’m sure they always do something like that; hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush #1 had pissed in the plants when he left. Sounds like a good gag to me.

I would get upset about taxpayer’s money if I really thought about it; but I’d prefer to just giggle quietly and think about all those missing Dubyas.

  • I thought it was pretty clever. Though tater’s suggestion has its merits as well.

As for the cost, it’s what any government uses in a microsecond anyway. What’s the average life expectancy of a keyboard ?

S. Norman

Let me just note that if my husband, or any other military or civilian government worker that I know (and I know quite a few) were to do something like this, they would be subject to severe disciplinary action, including the threat of inprisonment. In our world, destroying government property ain’t no joke.

What I’m seeing is yet another example of the Clinton’s staffers deciding that the rules just don’t apply to them, and showing an utter disregard for those of us who have to pay for/fix their little “prank”.

I guess I’m a fuddy-duddy too. I’m a Democrat, and I thought our administration would leave with some semblence of dignity. Not with a childish prank.

But I do have a sense of humor.

I do, dammit!