This has been done before but. . . WTF was up with of The Planet of the Apes?

I rented the video. I liked it. But what was with Aperham Linclon? Was Mark Wahlburg on Earth all the time? Well, no. It was established that he was not on Earth.

Did he crash land on the same planet, with it’s new history incorporating Earthly folklore? Was the scriptwriter on drugs?

I don’t understand!

Synchronicity: check out today’s “Bleat” link, he is complaining about the same movie. Never saw it, myself . . .

You think that’s screwy wait till the sequel. Marky Mark will crash on a Planet of the Hestons were he’ll be over acted to death.

Didn’t the original novel end with a similar scene?

According to Tim Burton, it will be revealed in the sequel that the bad monkey fished Marky Mark’s ship out of the lake, got it working again, and used it to fly to Earth (Travelling through the same storm that Marky Mark did.), ending up on Earth years before Marky Mark and leading a chimp revolt on Earth. This is the world that Marky Mark arrives on. If you ask me, that’s a load of horseshit they came up with after people saw the movie and said, “WTF is it with the ending?” There’s lots of threads about that movie (and most of them not very kind at all), so if you want to do a search for them, they are there. (There’s at least 1 Pit thread about the movie as well.)

And lawoot the original novel ended with a vaguely similar scene, but what has gone before is so different that there’s really no comparison about how the story is resolved.

That’s what the guy in the link said.

I dunno. I never read the novel. Now I’ll have to go get it. I’ll be pissed if I read the darn thing and the ending makes as much sense as the movie did.

Damned simulpost. Thanks Tuckerfan

Like spoilers matter

In the original POA it makes some sense apes going back and leading a revolution as they are getting smarter at this time due to a “space virus” plus human civilization breaking down.

But the new POA doesn’t compute. In order to have the society totally ape controlled for Marky Mark’s time, General Thane would have to go back a fair time ago. However, they were not genetically engineered to be smart enough at that time nor were their numbers great enough.

Man, I hate to beat this to death, but I can’t believe no one has pointed this out in any of the PoTA threads. The explanation from Burton does work, or is at least consist with what little logic there is in the movie. It all hinges on the order the spacecraft go into the big space storm.

On Human Earth side of the storm, first the chimp goes in, shortly after Marky Mark goes in, then later the Space station goes in. These all end up on the PoTA in reverse order. So first the space station, which went into the storm last, hits first, years before Marky Mark arrives. This is definitely a planet other than earth, as there are two moons. Where the horse came from, I dunno. Then as the movie really turns downhill, in flies the chimp in his pod, and leaps into Marky Mark’s arms. Peace reigns, at least long enough for him to get off the planet.
Back on Earth, Marky discovers Thade took a pod (one from the swamp or the ship) and has messed up his homeworld. Since Thade left after him, Thade ended up back on Earth before him. The more time that passes before Thade launches the further back on the Earth timeline Thade will arrive. Thus enabling a crappy sequel.

Actually, I think it’s pretty sad that the only character name I can remember, either human or ape, is Thade.
Hope this helps bring some clarity.

I could have sworn someone (Burton?) said when the movie came out that the ending was put there for the sake of being there.

No links as it was a while ago. Might have seen it on here or DrudeReport. About all I read back then.

That’s the distinct impression I got.

Sequel!? Sheesh.

Well, I’m sure the answer’s on the DVD since its being billed as “The most technically advanced DVD ever!” :rolleyes: Someone (Not I! I don’t have the stomach for it.) rent it and watch all the extra features and in six months report back to us (It’ll take you that long to sort through all the crap.) and let us know.

You could also do a search and read one of the old threads, where the plot of the novel was discussed (not that I want to discourage someone from reading the original novel instead of watching the movie adaptations.)

Original novel:
Our hero Ulysse travels with two companions from earth to another planet. On the other planet, they find apes in control and humans with no intelligence being hunted. Ulysse, along with some of the chimpanzee scientists, finds in the “forbidden zone” an archeological site with historical records that explain how humans started training apes to perform menial tasks, the humans gradually become lazier and less intelligent, the apes eventually took over and the humans lost their sentience. Ulysse returns to earth in his spaceship, and when he lands, the people that greet him are apes, implying that historical necessity has brought about the same capsizing of social strata as Ulysse witnessed on the POTA.