This has to be the most !!! adoption ever

I’ll be the first to say that we have the cutest kittens and the best looking adult cats ever. Ours are the best, so of course it doesn’t surprise us that someone finds one of our fosters online and falls in love. Its just to be expected.

A lady saw one of our adult cats online and fell in love. The rescue director told the lady that her special kitty had a best friend and wanted to be with him. The lady said that she would take both of them, but that she was driving 70 miles to pick them up and could the director have someone there early.

We work harder to adopt out adult kitties than kittens, so the director called me to be there.

When I got to the mall, there was a shiny black limo idling in front of PetCo. The lady, who looked like a retired movie star, came in with her uniformed driver (with a hat…omg, I wanted that hat), met the cats, got smooshy with them and adopted them. The very correct driver carried the carriers out, put the lady in the limo and then put the carriers in.

Our group has been doing adoptions for as long as I’ve been alive and this was the only time we’ve had a limo sent for our critters.

Of course, we are now bragging about it all over…which is why I had to post this here :smiley:

Something tells me those cats will be well cared-for. And it’s not the limo, driver or even the 70-mile oneway drive out there in the early morning (though those things are pretty effing great too).

Chick adopts an adult kitty AND his/her best friend? Instead of going to a breeder/petshop, and instead of insisting on a cute, cuddly, expected longer lifespan of a kitten? Very cool!

I don’t know who this lady is, but I’m going to go see all her movies now. :smiley:

Okay, you can’t talk about how great your kittens and cats are without pics. Cough 'em up!-

Sounds like her pet leopard needed a snack.

Sounds like Cruella de Vil has moved on to kittens!

oh and like Big T said, “Okay, you can’t talk about how great your kittens and cats are without pics”

Hooray for adopted kitties!

disclaimer: I don’t run the homepage and I don’t take the pics. My contribution to the group is trapping, fostering and transportation.

Here are the limo cats. And as a bonus, here are some other critters who need homes.

The marmalade kittens were some of my fosters. I traded them off for some hissy kittens. Its easy for the director to find people to foster cuddly, friendly kittens. I’m one of the few people she has who will take in the hissy ones.

My hissy kittens are responding very well to my efforts. One of them now sticks his paw out of the cage and meows when he sees me coming, one of them “hides” in their covered bed but comes out as soon as I open the cage door and the shyest one hides behind the bed but has stopped hissing and fighting when I pick him up for cuddles. Their pictures will go up when they are ready to be adopted.

OMG - check out Kyler!! He’s a poodle/terrier puppy with a ridiculous underbite.

I don’t live in AZ, or anywhere near AZ, otherwise I would be all over this puppy. I bet he finds a home soon.

What a great story. I am sure they are settling in, getting some loving and figuring out how to get her to change her will so that the limo, the driver and all the rest will be theirs! :smiley:

I hope someone shares this story with their former owner, who apparently is now in hospice.

I’m sure it will comfort them greatly to know their pets got not only a home, but are together.


The director has shared the story with the very sick lady, and told the nurses in case sick lady needs to be reminded. I didn’t transport these cats, but I have taken others from people who are going into a nursing home or hospice. Its heart breaking. Often, people will wait until well past the time to move because of their pets.

We do this out of love. We know that other people love as much as we do. It hurts our hearts to see well loved pets become homeless because their people are no longer able to care for themselves, much less the pet.

I’m not really bumping this thread. According to the rules, I’m supposed to show pics of my fosters whenever possible. Here are my fosters. I didn’t see their pics when I was on last. I don’t have the solid grey one, but the others are in my cage. They are not barncats. Not anymore. They are sweet lil mosshy kittens who are a little bit scared. I’ll have the director change that tomorrow.

Those kitties will be cared for as ALL cats wished to be cared for. Total Pampering!