"This Installation Does Not Support Your System Architecture (32/64 bit)"

Okay, I just got this from Pit Stop and they say that if you have ANY version of IE, then you have to update…


Because I play Warcraft in 32 bit, but the computer came in 64, I have IE 7 with both installed (but never use the 64).

So I tried IE8 for 32 bit Vista, and I get the above message.

Tried it in 32/64, and get the above message.

Even tried 9 and get the above message.

These are the properties of my computer:

Thanks for your help!

I also wanted to add that IE7 32 works just fine, but everywhere I go, (yahoo, etc) wants me to go to 8…


Try the advice here:


Thanks, x-ray vision! Gonna give it another try with anti-virus disabled.