This is a great local restaurant!

After coming home from from the motorcycle show my wife and I stopped at Genesis Family Restaurant, 3740 S. 108th St. West Aliis, Wisconsin. First they bring you an entire pitcher of water and a huge basket filled with bread, biscuits, crackers, and butter.

We ordered an appetizer of onion rings. In 4 minutes the waitress brought us a plate with so many onion rings on it we ended up taking more than half home.

Then we order our meals. My wife ordered steak, I order chicken parm. On top of the bread basket, every meal comes with salad, potato, vegetable, and a free glass of wine or beer. And…FREE DESSERT! Your choice!:cool:
The waitress brought the salads 5 minutes after we ordered, and the main courses 9 minutes after that (yes I timed her, and this place was packed). When we got our dinners our eyes almost fell out of our heads. We had so much food on our plates we ended up taking home more than we ate there.
And the food is excellent! Fit for a king. Not only did I get almost a half chicken, my wifes steak was huge!

We both picked out our free dessert. I chose Turtle Pie, my wife chose key lime pie. The waitress brought the slices (to “go” because we were stuffed) and to our shock each piece of pie was almost 1/4 of an entire pie! WOW!

But the shocker was when the bill came!

But a check of the prices confirmed it was corect! All this excellent food, free drinks and dessert, and super fast service for less than $20? I handed the waitress $26 and said in my best Arnold voice
“I’ll be back!” :wink:

Umm, I had an outdated can of SlimFast for dinner (not bulging yet, but along those lines). I passed on the free glass of wine, mainly because THERE IS NO WINE in the house.

Does the bill come with a reference for a good cardiologist?

The place sounds totally kick ass.

I will say however that Jeffrey Dahmer lived in West Allis. I wonder if he ever ate there?


I’m pretty sure he was the cook there for a while. Yum.