This is a scam, right?

This was in the Bulk Mail folder of my Yahoo account.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to believe that this is at all legitimate.

  1. My monster resume has been inactive and unviewable for more than 2 years.
  2. When it was active, the information they’re asking for was already there.
  3. The skill set presented on the resume had no relevance to the described position.

Is this some sort of variant of the Nigerian 419 scam? And should I do more than merely delete this email?

Its a scam (IMHO)…I get emails like that one all the time (my Monster resume IS active), and as you said, all that information is available. And its usually for jobs that look too good to be true. They remind me of those commercials on TV late at night for home based businesses (in fact, I think one of the ones I got that was similar to your’s WAS from such a site…the crazy like a fox one).

Anyway, I’d just ignore it were I you.


I got one of those today too. I’m sure the scam has been discussed here, but I’m too lazy right now to look it up. I think it might be one of those fake money order things. You deposit the money into your account, send 90% to the recipient, and then discover the money order was fake and you’re out the money.

Legit businesses that make job offers at least know what city you are in.

I would guess that they send you a forgery of a certified check. Your bank clears it in a few days (there is a limit on how long they can hold up the funds.) You wire 90% of the money to them. A few weeks later when the forged check is discovered, you are left holding the bag.


Oh, what the hell. I went ahead and filed a complaint with the FBI. I copied the email to them including the full header.