This is driving me NUTS - a computer/web browser question

For some reason, Internet Explorer and Netscape keep changing my home page to “”.

For a while, when I would startup Explorer, Netscape and Real Download would open as well. I’ve deleted Real Download from my system, but I kinda wanna keep Netscape.

Now, I’ll change my home page in Explorer to what I want it to be, close the computer, restart it and when I restart Explorer, the home page is back to Fortune City, and a “Classmates” registration page opens as well.

Same thing with Netscape, only it opens, as my home page, and has deleted all of my mail preferences (incoming server, outgoing server, etc, etc).

It’s starting to get really annoying - can anyone think of where this could be coming from and how I can stop it?

Go download Ad Aware and run it regularly. It’s free and it will delete the little programs that cause your browser to do that.

Yeah, sounds like some sort of scumware is messing with your settings.

Cool - it’s running now.

Thanks guys!