"This is how [x] should [y] like"

Example - “This is how every American living room should look like”

Is it common these days for people to construct sentences like this? I see it often on a particular website. I suspect these people are trolling (they know people like me will spot the mistake and comment), but I would not be surprised if there are a large proportion of people who genuinely think this is a correct way to construct a sentence.

For anyone who doesn’t know, using ‘like’ and ‘how’ together in this context is incorrect. The sentence should either be…

“This is how every American living room should look”


“This is what every American living room should look like”

Prescriptivist grammar Nazi.

This sort of hair-splitting is tired and annoyingly pedantic.

Maybe in an earlier stage of the English language that would have sounded strange to people’s ears but it sounds fine to mine in the here and now.

You can’t stop the march of progress, man. The only constant is change. (insert various other aptly themed cliches here)

I think you over-estimate how much of a problem I have with this. I was asking how common it is. I saw it crop up on another website and wondered if it was either…

Common way to phrase in the US.


A meme.