No way this can be real. Look at this site. I mean how can 3 people pull 10-ton truck loaded with 50 passengers with there penises? It just seems immposible to me even though it says there useing qi gong.

A) Welcome to the SDMB!

B) This has been posted and discussed several times here. Do a search and you’ll find several threads.

C) I don’t see a General Question here. Are you asking if this is real?

D) We’d appreciate it if your thread titles weren’t in all caps and gave some indication of what the thread was about.


Oh my god… This is one of those photos where you have to check that your’s is still in one piece and attached…

It also says that it’s a form of martial arts. Man, that certainly conjures up some impressive mental images…

Piece of cake. I do that every wednesday at 3:15 PM. You can set your clock to that.

Sure, but do you do it in a straight line, or do you pull to one side?

Obviously Uniball views the world from this perspective; as such, I deem him to be cock-eyed.

Hence he definitely would be pulling off to one side…:slight_smile:

[groan]That’s AWFUL![/groan] Do you think he’s a jerk, too? :smiley:

I can certainly offer up some stiff competition

But I bet he’s hard to beat.

I’m assuming that the question here is “Is this possible” and/or “Is this real”. To the first, I can say that it is probably possible. Assuming that the bearings on the bus wheels are good (low friction), and that it’s perfectly level, any force applied to the bus will cause it to accelerate slightly. If you’re patient enough, you would be able to get it up to any speed you wanted this way. As to whether this has actually been done, and whether this picture documents it, I cannot say.

Foreskin people to read these bad puns is hard on them!

Sure, but I think I can rise to the occasion. :smiley:

Has Jack Dean Harvey or whateva the fuck his name is seen this? Sure beats the Tug Bouy for effective restretching of the dude. I say we devote 48.8237% of the GNP to study how to recover my foreskin!!


I’ll bone up on my euphmisms then. Good thing I have such a big dictionary…

How do they attach that thing to the penis?

I would guess they used either a sheet bend, if flacid, or a timber hitch, if turgid.

By the way, all you perverted punsters seem to be scaring away the grammar harpies-- Nobody noticed that the OP misspelled “impossible”.

Either of these would fail, with attendant catastrophe, if the state of the attachment point were to change. I suppose these guys know how to keep it up or down, as needs must.

Hmm, must be why I can’t get to the link in Arizona… we banned cock fighting.

How do they attach that thing to the penis?

Very carefully.

It’s not hard at all.

They pulled the trucks downhill. The only problem was stopping the trucks.