This Is It- the Michael Jackson movie [merged threads]

This Is It, a new documentary/concert film about the preparations for Michael Jackson’s final concert tour.

Even though I’m only a casual fan of Michael Jackson, I saw this yesterday and liked it a lot. Great music and special effects. It makes me wish he could have lived to do these final concerts, because it looks like they would have been impressive.
I found it interesting that a group of people, including some who were close to Michael during his final days, are asking fans to boycott the movie because of Jackson’s condition during the rehearsals not shown in the film and the possibility that he would have still lived if they had given him medical attention rather than forced him to rehearse. Interesting if true, but it my opinion it doesn’t take anything away from the film itself.


No real interest in seeing it. His biggest hits were from the 80s so he hasn’t been relevant in a long, long time. Would anybody even be interested if the guy hadn’t died?
And from what I’ve heard it fails as a biography since it barely scratched the surface of the guy and it also fails as a concert film since the concert never happened.
A bunch of thrown together footage for the purpose of cashing in on a dead guy, I’ll pass.

It looks very good and is a must see for fans I’d say, especially since it’s from his last show.

It’s been getting some really great reviewstoo

Roger Ebert is not *always *a reliable reverse indicator of whether I’ll like a movie or not—that honor presently goes to Stephanie Zacharek of—but I sure don’t put much faith in his opinion anymore.

Hmm. Looks as though Stephanie also liked the movie, so I must therefore conclude that it sucks.

I wouldn’t have been interested in seeing Michael Jackson perform live in my own living room. A rehearsal tape interests me even less. A washed up, junkie pederast practicing crotch grabs? Not exactly riveting.

No, this is It.

The very series of shows that are the subject of this film, fifty in number, completely sold out within a matter of hours once tickets were on-sale.

Given that, I would say that it is very likely that people would be interested, although of course if he weren’t dead you’d lose the sensationalism of this being MJ’s final “performance.”

I’d like to see it, but I’m fine waiting for DVD or until it’s on VH1 or something. I usually find concert films really boring.

You want it all but you can’t have it
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First thing I thought of when I read the thread title. Cheesy costumes, dated special effects and, best of all, has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Perfect.

Yes! I’m seeing it on Saturday.

If I were already in front of the TV and someone were to come to my house and play the DVD for me, I wouldn’t necessarily turn it off.

Although I would want to know who this person and why they were playing this DVD at me.

In the promo I saw, it looks like he’s saying “I love you all!” to an empty arena. Kinda creepy.

I just saw it and enjoyed it. I would have never spent money to buy a ticket to the concert, so I was able to get an idea of what the concert would have been like for the cost of a movie ticket. Even though I think he was a child molester, he was one hell of an entertainer.

Not even when it’s on network tv in four years.

Not particularly. But I got a free ticket to it for Sunday so looks like I will.

If they were showing it on network tv tonight I would still be skipping it.

I didn’t care for his music or performance style when he was alive so why would I want to see a movie about him now?

Nope. The guy built and squandered an empire on what was basically one overproduced bit of fluff that landed in the midst of a pop culture change. On top of that, he was a lunatic and a pedophile, and his family is no more sane than he was. I won’t be adding to their fortunes, thanks.

No he wasn’t. The least you can do is keep out your unfounded, irrelevant comments out of the discussion, particularly since a jury of his peers found him innocent on all charges. :rolleyes:

I’ll probably check out the DVD when it becomes available on Netflix. I’m not really a fan of his, but I’m curious to see what was happening during his last days.

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today. I’m not a particularly big Michael Jackson fan, but I have a hell of a lot of respect for a guy who was relevant for a period of time that spanned 3 decades. He was an excellent showman & an extremely talented songwriter.