This Is It- the Michael Jackson movie [merged threads]

I can’t imagine this will get much in the way of discussion here on the Dope- pop music rarely does; but maybe a few others will see the movie and we can discuss.

I should preface that I’m a giant Michael Jackson fan and have been since I was in utero- mom used to put headphones with MJ on her belly, went to his concert while pregnant, and basically, my entire childhood had Michael as a soundtrack.

So, I wasn’t sure what to expect in this movie, but I expected it to be an interesting look into the creative process of putting on a monumental show and it definitely was that. It’s just amazing how many tiny elements come together it what would have been a totally spectacular show. What was most interesting to me was how involved in every tiny detail Michael was- I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me, I mean, he was the biggest star in the world, but I guess I’m just used to my puppet popstars who have no creative control.

What I should have logically been prepared for, but wasn’t, was just how sick Michael looked. I had read before that director, Kenny Ortega, said Michael looked great, healthy, and it took everyone by surprise that he died. Bullshit. In the movie, they supposedly mixed clips together from the start and end of rehearsals (the day he died) so the viewer wont have a sense of the time before he died. But the thing is, anyone with eyes can tell which clips were from closer to his death- his weight between certain clips literally drops at least 25 lbs. And that’s on a man who was already thin. It’s scary. He’s smaller than his female dancers.

Overall, that concert would have been bad ass. Thriller was amazing, Smooth Criminal, Earth Song, etc.- all great. The movie itself was interesting because you get to see the creative process first hand.

My favorite part? The dancers fangirling basically the entire movie. Any time Michael would be doing something in a solo on stage, the camera would pan to the “audience”, where the dancers would be jumping up and down, hands over their mouths, gasping. Hilarious.

I’ve been reading nothing but great reviews of this movie, which surprises me considering how quickly and opportunistically it was thrown together. I hear it’s more of a great dance film, than concert film. I’ll definitlely check it out.

They really should be calling it This Would Have Been It.

I think the subject makes it so interesting. Say what you will about Michael, but the man was damn good at what he did. From the perspective of a documentary, it was fascinating to sit back and watch him orchestrate this spectacle with relative ease. He was, even clearly dying from a drug addiction, the consummate professional.

As a fan, I’m happy I got to see a little of this show that he was working himself to death for. I don’t buy the arguments that are being thrown around that he didn’t want to do the shows, wasn’t into it at all- he’s very clearly excited and even giddy throughout the film. Granted, I 'spose that could all just be editing.

Last night a friend and I went to see the midnight showing of the new Michael Jackson movie; basically rehearsal footage from this past spring for the show he was getting ready to put on.

It was fascinating. Michael still had ‘it,’ though his age did show in his dance and singing. More amazing were the musicians and dancers and designers working with/for him. It would have been a phenomenal concert.

If you’re a fan at all, go see the movie.

My favorite moment from the show was the intro/lead in to The Way You Make Me Feel with dancers up on a scaffolding in silhouette in front of an orange sunset cityscape, with a kind of cool jazzy rhythmic city-sounding groove as Michael sings the first verse. Very cool and fresh.

There’s already a thread about this film: I will put my thoughts there.

I just got back from seeing this and thought it was really interesting. Even though I’m only a casual fan of Michael Jackson, seeing the film makes me a little sad in a way that he didn’t live to perform the actual series of concerts, because some of the stuff they showed off that was going to be in there was extravagant. I especially liked the films for Smooth Criminal and Thriller. The “Inconvienient Tianamen Square” film was kind of silly, but I can live with it, especially compared to the even-more-ridiculous “Heal the World” logo at the end that ties into it.

I’m a little disappointed that we only got a little bit of a moonwalk and there wasn’t the famous lean during Smooth Criminal (although since the latter is actually a special effect, there’s always the possibility that they were either not planning to do it or were planning on rehearsing it later once they had the proper costumes with specially-designed shoes). I also found it somewhat strange that, given the length of time between the revelation and the film’s release, they didn’t add Paul Anka’s name to the songwriting credit for This Is It. But other than those minor quibbles, it was a really fun film. At some points, you could tell that Michael wasn’t really “into it,” but at others his dancing is in such a way that he almost appears to be gliding across the floor. If nothing else, Michael was a great singer/songwriter and a superior showman, and this film is a testament to that.

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Another thing I remembered- the scene where the choreographer shows the backup dancers the proper way to pull off Jackson’s signature crotch-grab is unintentionally hilarious.

My money says it will eat, big time. At first, I wanted to. Then, I started seeing outtakes. Then, there are too many ‘insiders’ highlighting boring, irrelevant stuff-'Wow, Michael was so tall! And the way he wore his watch on two numbers!! And then, he changed into pants withhout a zipper! He WAS the greatest!" Nonsense in that fashion. Too much hype. Must be crap.
btw, is the guitarist Steve Stevens, again?

I don’t have a lot of people to talk to.

I saw the trailer a few weeks ago before some animated movie with the kids and honestly, it got me interested. Not so much the celebrity-worship thing but the clips of him rehearsing and planning and being in ‘professional’ mode. It’s a side of him that was little seen by the public over the years but to see Jackson actually working on his performance showed a side that the tabloid fodder left out.

I don’t like music movie/documentaries. They usually bore me to tears. The trailer almost made me want to see it, if only to see how such a freak could be so good at what he did. But, naw, I’ll pass.

Not even a tiny little bit.

A Prince Man

No. I don’t want to see this. A lot.

I want to see it. I’ve heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews and I haven’t been exposed to any of the hype you’re referring to… Especially since there’s nothing else I want to see at the movie theater.

I am sure the Michael Jackson fans will be eager to see this one, but I was never a fan, so I will pass. (even if it does turn out to be the niftiest thing since “Citizen Kane” I STILL am not interested)

I like his music and would be interested to see him in concert but there is no way I’d pat to see this movie. Eventually I’ll catch it on HBO or something like that.

Yes! I thought they were all sold out. If I can see it, I definitely will.

Slight curiosity, but not nearly enough for me to pay money to see it. My guess is I’ll not only wait till the DVD comes out, but wait till the DVD appears at my local library.

I have no idea what you’re all talking about.