This... Is... Jeopardy!

I think this is a fun idea; let’s see if it gets any traction.

Here’s how it’ll work: The first player (that’d be me) will come up with a category, and then post a Jeopardy!-like clue which fits the category.

The first player to post the correct response to the clue (in the form of a question) can then post another clue in the same category for the next player to answer, and so on.

Whoever provides the correct response to the fifth clue in a category picks a new category and clue. The categories can be as clever or as mundane as you like, but if an explanation is needed, please provide one.

Assigning dollar values to the clues would probably be too confusing, so let’s just number them 1-5.

Let’s try to keep googling to a minimum (honor system) - but if there’s a clue that stumps everybody, we’ll do what we gotta do.

Make sense? Let’s play!

The first category is Broadway Musical Numbers.
Each correct response will literally be a number.

  1. In “The Music Man,” this was the number of cornets behind the 76 trombones.

What is 110?

  1. This musical’s title commemorates a famous year in American history.

What is 1776?

  1. In “Guys and Dolls,” this is the number of years that Nathan and Adelaide have been engaged.

What is 14?

  1. In A Chorus Line, what were Val’s pre-plastic surgery Dance and Looks scores?

What are 10 and 3?

  1. This many girls were cast to play the title role in each production of Matilda the Musical.

[OK, I consulted Mr. G to move this one along.]

What is 4?

The next category is Baseball.

  1. June 2, 1925 was a bad day to get a headache for this Yankee first baseman - Lou Gehrig took his starting spot and kept it for the next 2,130 games.

Who is Wally Pipp?

Sidetrack: the headache story though ubiquitous is untrue

In the case of Wally Pipp there was no inopportune headache, no “delightful and romantic story” — just a case of a slumping player who lost his job to an up-and-comer and never got it back. But his replacement was the stuff of legend (the indestructible ballplayer finally felled by a fatal disease), and so he became part of a legend that mixed fact and fiction and grew so large even some of the participants came to believe in its fictional aspects.


Next answer:
2. The team that fielded the famous double play combo of Tinker to Evers to Chance

Ah, Baseball’s Sad Lexicon.
What is The Chicago Cubs?

Next answer:
3. The New York Yankees all-time hits leader

Who is Derek Jeter?

  1. He was the first baseball player to be unanimously selected to the Hall of Fame.

Who is Mariano Rivera?

  1. When a batter strikes out, this position player is credited with a putout.

I’m gonna make a guess here, because a fielder usually gets the putout on other plays, and say

Who is the catcher?

Assuming I’m correct…
The new category is:
famous lines from plays (name the play)

  1. “Now is the winter of our discontent…”

(Catcher is indeed correct.)

Okay, since “catcher” is correct, we’re going with Famous Lines from Plays.

What is Richard III?

  1. “I am now a checkerboard chick!”

We’ll, if no one else is in…
What is Hairspray?

  1. Kiss today goodbye, and point me towards tommorow.

What is “A Chorus Line”?

  1. I am the opposite of a stage magician. He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth; I give you truth in the pleasant disguise of illusion.

What is The Glass Menagerie?

  1. When you speak of this, and you will, be kind.

What is Tea and Sympathy?

New category" Lead Singers (name the band)

  1. Cherie Currie

What is The Runaways?

  1. Geddy Lee

I’m sorry. We were looking for the twin sister act of Cherie and Marie. :laughing:

Who is Rush?!

  1. Ian Gillan