This is my 1000th post!

I lurked for about year before I finally gave in and registered in May 20015.

I’d like to thank:

[li]My parents, for installing my BS detector, and putting up with me.[/li][li]Cecil[/li][li]All you fine people out there in Dopelandia, for entertaining and informing me. And for putting up with me.[/li][li]My extremely boring job that pays me to sit around most of the time.[/li][li]The Academy[/li][li]Jesus, for not existing to stop me from…Music starts and drowns out my yammerings…praise Cthulhu.[/li][/ul]

For my next 1000 posts, I can’t promise to try and say anything useful, but I’ll try to try.

Fighting ignorance will take A LOT longer than we think!

Hehe…nice catch! I can’t promise to proofread any better either.

A slightly faster pace than me
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This is Post 496

Just so you know, these type of topics are against the rules in MPSIMS, so I’m going to close this.