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Rapper Slaying Lacks Arrests a Year Later

Gee, thanks for keeping me informed, Yahoo. And in other news, Osama Bin Laden still has not been found, the Titanic continues to lie on the bottom of the Atlantic, and fire still hurts.

Just a follow up piece.

The type of thing you assign to interns and junior shreves and such. Good for filling up empty space.

Ahh, so it’s these types of stories that I have to look forward for the next two years at journalism school. Oh, happy day. :slight_smile: What’s a shreve, might I ask?

[sub]And something I’ve always wondered: you’re the same Jonathan Chance that posts at Baseball Primer, right?[/sub]

There’s a Jonathan Chance at Baseball Primer? I know Baseball Primer fairly well and don’t recall seeing it. That certainly would have caught my attention.

And yes, if you get a chance to write for a real magazine or newspaper that’s liable to be where you start. That, obits, local sports and non-event press conferences. Then produce 5 paragraphs and hope it doesn’t get cut.

Welcome to the business! Maybe I’ll hire you someday!

Oh, and a ‘Shreve’ is a general term for lower level assistant and gofer. Not exclusive to the publishing industry.

I picked it up from Rush (the band…not the addict).

“And this just in, Generalissmo Fransico Franco is still dead. Back to you Jane.”

And Jane is still an ignorant slut.