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Check this shit out.
I like it- I don’t care for the KKK’s ideology, but I’m all for biodiversity, pretty much whatever form it takes. It’d suck the dead if we all thought the same.
The only thing that bothers me is we take our different ideas seriously enough that we hurt people who disagree, physically, I mean- I don’t cotton to using violence to espouse my ideology. I do like the odd nasty argument though, replete with what ever invective comes to hand…
Y’know, that’s the wrong concept above there- it’s not that we use violence to espouse our ideas, it’s that we are insecure enough that we resort to violence. Maybe a combination of the two. This doesn’t only apply to racists and other fringe haters- It’s mainstream- witness a person who can drink all he wants, as long as he doesn’t kill or maim another or anothers property. Then, his neighbor gets smacked for a few years for blowing a bowl. I’m not especially pro or anti in this, jsut an example of a mainstream type of ‘I’m right, and will commit some type of violence on you for thinking/being/doing different…’
I’m talking about those of us who do, not those of us who don’t. (Resort to some kind of violence/punitive action to bolster their position- I mean kind of major- we all do it to an extent, even if it’s jsut not talking to an SO for a day or two cuz they pissed us off…I ain’t talking about this little kind of thing)

I’m gonna get torched, ain’t I?

Dude, are you O.K.? That was without a doubt the single most incoherent thing I have ever seen you post. Get some sleep or something and try again later.
All righty then, back to the topic.
I agree with you that people tend to resort to violence to settle things, but lets face it, we are animals. All animals fight. We as a species, however, condemn violence as a way to solve problems. Therefore, we resort to insults and invective to get our point across (most of the time). Still, though, I think that we do everything we can to disassociate ourselves from the idea that we are in fact evolved from lesser creatures. We repress our baser instincts for ethical and societal reasons. That said, when an ape blows off steam, it’s just being an ape, but when we do the same, we are crude, ignorant, savage.

I have no objection to people beating the living shit out of each other to resolve personal conflicts. I DO object, however, to just assaulting someone for no other reason than you hate them (i.e., the KKK, the PLO, etc.). So, what are we to do? I don’t haveany fucking idea. How about you?

And that’s saying something.

kind of musing to myself- bound to be some obscurity-

I got no problem with 1 on 1 violence either.
The group shit is a bad thing though.
Or maybe it’s all too subjective for me to really say anything meaningful about it without talking out my ass.
As in “shut the fuck up, you weren’t there” kinda thing.

Not real clear on this yet- more fullness of time and musing has to happen for my head to know what it thinks about that and some of your other statements.

It’s Monday- I jsut made a glowing ass of my dumb self in another thread, let me think on this some, uh?

Elaborate on some of your stuff up there if you care to.

[sub]incoherent…why I oughtta entirely punch 'im in the neck…

You are an odd cat.

especially mag–:wink:

k, I re-read, and it’s kind of stream-of-conscious, but it’s not so incoherent-

I might dislike some things/groups/whatever.

Not to the point that I think they should be stamped out- biodiversity makes the world go 'round.
What these fringe haters do, in their extreme, is violence, to people/things/groups/whatever who disagree with them.

Mainstrream society does that too. A ‘for instance’ was a guy going to prison for a few years for smoking a bowl, while his neighbor was free to get as drunk as he wished.
Not loking to argue the dope thing- it has happened, but tht’s irrelevant here- it’s jsut a hypothetical example.

We all do this to some extent- even if it’s just not talking to a significant other for a day or two, because they pissed us off.

Jsut some random musings, my head gets like that…
so, NOW tell me what you think…
I’m interested. Not lookin to flame any of you up there, just curious…

Ohhhh…it was a stream of conscience thing…that explains why I felt like a Salmon!

Anywho, I get what you are saying, that these guys are just another part of society and that it is/they are part of what keeps the rest of us where we are. With out the fringe elements, no one would know where the center is. It comes down to judgement calls and what you think depends on where you are coming from. Not talking to a spouse is a degree of shouting hate at someone because of their color. It’s an extremely small and divergent degree, but along the same lines: for a time, you are not interested in discussing things with that person, you have no interest in hearing what they have to say ad what they are thinking. “Smolder time” is sometimes necessary, you just need to burn off your feelings. Keeping a continuous flame of hatred though, well, that’s got to be more destructive to the person holding it, wouldn’t you think? (sorry if I just changed tacks, I got interrupted by the news that Tahoe has something like 4 feet of fresh powder…mmmmm, powder…my mind is going, I can feel it…)

Sorry, I’m now worthless to continue thinking about this…more later.

I’m not sure that these two organisations belong in the same category, do they?

Compared with what? Dude, your life of debauchery has caught up with you. :wink:

It is nice to see the Klansmen practicing up for the Missouri penal system’s return of the chain gang.

For more than a year the Klan has had the right to pick up garbage on that stretch of I-55. They have not picked up a single cigarette butt yet, and I would be surprised if they ever do.

The state (that’s the taxpayers of Missouri) have paid for two signs saying that the Klan is cleaning up that stretch of the highway. Both signs were chopped down within 24 hours of their erection. The area currently has no sign.

In the meantime, that stretch of road has been designated the Rosa Parks Highway. If the Klan ever shows up to do its duty, it’ll be a great photo op to see them cleaning up the Rosa Parks Highway.

I’d pay good money for a picture like that.
Fairly big money, if it was poster size…