This is sad, my poor mother.

A few months back me mother met this guy named Barry. They met through a group of people that go on one-two week kayak trips (my mom is big on kayaks which is good for an older lady to do I guess)

Anyway, the two hit it off and he started getting interested in her. He was calling all the time, emailing, setting up plans to come down and get together with her, etc, etc. She really seemed to like the guy.

Now, my mom is kind of shy and has a hard time meeting people. when she does meet people – and she likes them-- she has a habit of waiting for them to make the first moves (she won’t call them until they call her because “a woman doesn’t do those things”)

So, I’m always happy for her when someone takes interest and knows how to deal with her,. um,. dating quirks.

At last, after a couple of years of downtime, she’s sweet on a guy and he’s sweet on her. She’s all gitty for him, looking forward to his calls, and it seems like something might bloom from this.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Poor woman.

So your mom’s prospective new boyfriend was killed in a plane crash? Rough.

I’m so sorry for your mom, and this man’s family. Condolences to them all.


Oh, whoops. I didn’t point that out in the OP. Yeah. his plane went down the other day.

Aw, damn. That is so, so, sad. My condolences to your mom and to all his loved ones.

I opened the link fully expecting to find some serial molester or something.

Somehow, I am not comforted by what I read.

I am sorry for your mom.

Damn that sucks, like Shirley I was expecting something horrible, but not that flavor of horrible. My condolences. Gee, we Dopers are a Jaded lot aren’t we?

Hugs and condolences for your Mom. That really sucks.