This is some kind of tasteless.

Billboard comparing the president to the shooter in Colorado. This is disgusting.

Who started these wars? Oh yeah. What an idiot.

Yeah, tasteless, and as has already been pointed out Obama didn’t start these wars and it would have been impractical/stupid to immediately withdraw.

Kind of reminds me though of Marilyn Manson’s essay about Columbine (which has already been posted in a thread about the Colorado shootings)- he draws comparisons to gun violence and what happened in Kosovo.

So while extremely tasteless, I can very vaguely see this guy’s point although he’s blaming the wrong guy.

Not only tasteless, but just lint-ball dumb. I have a hard time believing there are people this stupid. But then billboards like this pop up. And posts like Post #2 in this thread.

On preview, and Post #3.

You must have access to some high grade wacky tobaccy.

Yeah, but neither of those equals post #4.

This shit pisses me off. What kind of weirdo is this guy? And the woman who agrees with the billboard? Obviously just an Obama hater.

I thought enipla was referring to the fact that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were begun by Bush, not Obama.

As previously stated, I think the sign is in very poor taste and it’s extreme hyperbole to refer to Obama, or even Bush, as “killers.”

I don’t think seeing the point the guy is trying to make is all that crazy, especially as it’s explicitly stated in the article.

It’s not uncommon for the same sentiment to be expressed on this MB. Most posters denounce it, but there are plenty who agree. It’ll be interesting to see if any of them show up in this thread.

Oh, so you think the billboard is not tasteless and dumb?


From the article:

Obama has said all along that Afghanistan was the “right war” and he doubled down on it when he took office. You might argue that he isn’t the only prez responsible, but he is the “right guy”.

I believe fully 50% of Americans are this stupid.

Man, are you ever optimistic.

Ah. I do agree with Obama about that actually.