"This is The End" I just heard of this movie

The concept is Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and bunch of other 20-30 something actors play themselves in Hollywood at the end of the world. Red band (Rated R) trailer is here. This is either going to be hilarious or be so self indulgent, its head will be up its own ass. The trailer makes me think the former more than the latter.

Saw this at the beginning of Django. It looks incredibly funny. Not enough films has actors portraying themselves, and usually not a whole ensemble cast either. Because their humor is similar to my humor, I don’t mind this film being completely self-indulgent

That looks good. The actors in the trailer are all likable, so my hopes are up.

I wonder when it was filmed; Hill either regained weight, or this was filmed a while back.

Here’s a link that doesn’t require sign-in.

So Franco and Rogen are alone in a shelter with a big box of condoms? Must be really close.

Hill has indeed fallen off the diet wagon big time. Not a surprise.

Was not impressed by the quality of acting shown in the clip. This movie might be saddled by too many people on weed during its production.

I think it’s going to fall into the Observe and Report range of quality.

Danny McBride mentions the lackluster response to Green Hornet and Jonah Hill’s Oscar nomination, so sometime in 2012 for sure.

Hill definitely regained some of the weight but he’s nowhere near the size he was in “Moneyball.”