This is the End trailer. Does this look like a funny movie or what?

Okay, I haven’t been to the movie theater in years. I usually wait for video or netflix.

But this trailer for the movie This is the End (coming out next month sometime) looks hilarious.
Warning, trailer has strong language, probably NSFW

I mean, it also looks incredibly stupid and corny–the type of movie filled with “fart” jokes and the like–but I still think it looks absolutely hilarious as well.

Of course, all the best scenes were probably put into that trailer (which almost seems to show the whole movie in itself, in chronological order) and the rest will probably be dreck.

Still…I’ll give it a chance.

That looks awesome. Hell, the line “Hermione just stole all of our shit.” is worth it alone. I might actually go to a theater to watch this instead of waiting for the blu-ray.

So it looks like aliens are fucking up LA and stealing people.

EDIT: Ok after looking at the wiki and IMDB they say it’s the actual apocolypse so the people beaming up are going to heaven and not getting beamed up by aliesns.

I don’t like the premise and I don’t like any of the actors, so hell ya I’m gonna see it! Looks awesome!

Every stoner idiot actor comedian under 40(ish) from the past decade playing themselves in a post apocalyptic disaster film? It could possibly be brilliant.

Craig Robinson had the best lines:
“It’s too late for you Aziz! You’re already in the hole!”


Thank you so much for alerting me to this. Must see.

I’m old. I’ve heard all the jokes before. Farts no longer amuse. Must avoid.

This is another trailer.

I might even actively hate some of the actors, especially Franco, and can’t stand the type of movie the lot of them is usually in and this one seems to start out as, but it looks like fun. Especially if Michael “One Note” Cera dies graphically.

I’m sorry. It’s Michael Cera. He can only die awkwardly.

As long as he’s dead…

Why the hate for Cera? Is he a douchebag? a jackass? an arrogant SOB? Pretty sad that seeing inoffensive, harmless actors die graphically gets you aroused.

He’s just not much of an actor who still plays George Michael Bluth in everything he does. Plus he’s Canadian, which explains the “inoffensive, harmless” you mentioned. Plus, as Danny McBride says in Little Nemo’s trailer, “I guess if Michael Cera’s gone it isn’t a total loss.”

Cera’s not a bad person. But he plays essentially the same character in every movie he’s made. So I guess when people get tired of seeing that character, they’re also tired of seeing Cera.

I hadn’t realized Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel were Canadian.


Is that a Xenomorph at 2:10? Because that would make me go.

Either that or some kind of raptor/dinosaur that comes from all the other end of the world shit going on at once in that movie.
Some kind of alien would make more sense, though.

Not only Jay Baruchel is Canadian. He’s the best of all Canadians. He’s a Montrealer, Like William Shatner and Leonard Cohen :smiley:

This looks to be in the ‘So bad it might just be good’ category.

Yes to all of the above. I’m not much of a fan of his “acting” and in interviews and TV appearances, he comes across as a total douchenozzle.