this is the movies that I've receive from amazon lately

The wickerman (OK)

Flesh gordon (sex-comedy) from 1974 (crap) :mad:

A dirty shame (sex-comedy) John Waters (not so good)

Behind convent walls (1977) erotic drama (crap) :mad:

Superstition (1983) horror from the 80’s - uncut :slight_smile:

Halloween 2 - this used to be my favorite, but it’s more than a decade since I saw it :slight_smile:

Prozzie (Olivia) horror from the 80’s (OK)

Cape Fear (1991) I have high hopes for this one
and I’m awaiting these…

Terror in Bronx (aka. Bronx warriors 2) (1984)
Death trap (1976)
City of the living dead (1980)
Straw dogs (1971)

When you consider the low budget on which Flesh Gordon was made, it looks pretty good. It even has stop motion animation.

And you’re going to make sure and give us a one word review for each of those too, right?

May I attempt to make the thread more interactive?

So, fellow Dopers, what movies have you been watching lately, and what did you think of them?

Or, alternatively, we could just admit this isn’t the most exciting of threads. It happens.

My last two DVDs from Amazon are:

Caberet and Invader ZIM - Horrible Holiday Cheer (Vol. 3)

Two thumbs up for both.

Or rather, Cabaret, the one starring Liza. Not Caberet, with Monica Lewinsky