This is way too much fun-get it in the bowl!

Test your skills!

How good is YOUR aim?


I’ve got to ask - what is the difference between the male version and the female version?

Finally a video game other than hockey games that I can figure out!!

After getting to round four, I found clicking on things that didn’t move to be a bit tough.

You don’t have to click-just move the mouse.

49,099 :smiley:

ha. Over 51,000 Q.E.D. Go me :D.


Not too shabby, right?

51,530! If I could only do as well at home…:smiley:

Evidently I’d make a flipping good pissed bloke! I now have soggy shoes and 36,968. PHEWWWWWWWWWW I’m glad I get to sit and widdle!

52,035 :smiley:

50,260. I DA DRUNK MAN! :smiley:


I have never been drunk in my life.

More incentive to continue that lifestyle:)

They have a rather unrealistic view of how bladdered one gets after 4 pints, I must say.

That was first go with the male one.

73,942 first-go with the female one. And I didn’t have to drink a J2O as I did with the guy.

Now for the guy again. 68644. J2o at the last possible instant.

Girl again. 23,291 first round (my best by a few hundred. Second best also a girl). 47,500 total after two rounds. I attribute the slightly higher score to the +200 from hitting the middle as compared to the +100 first-round. This is the best i have done after two rounds. 64,605 after the third round. Easy, girl. you’ve drunk before and this isn’t 50-proof. Let’s calm down, mmkay? Good.

74,848 final score. That girl was zagging so hard I think someone pushed her. Musta been the guy, because the way he was leaning over I bet he fell. Yes, that’s it. He fell and hit her ankle. Nothing else could make her go from one end of the stall to the complete opposite end. Girl nearly filled up the plunger. And evidently girls don’t like J2O because neither of mine wanted one.

Pity I can’t submit my score…

  1. Good god, do these people have extra bladders or something?