This Is What A Man Is

I think it was written by a car insurance agent who spends a lot of Saturday nights watching James Bond movies.

A man should call the toss
Wear the pants and be the boss.
A man should be the drake
For his own damn sake!

A man doesn’t need to know what a man is.

If it were titled “Here is some advice for all humans” I would respect it more.

My standard reply to “what a man does” discussions is “A man does what he wants.”

I didn’t see anything in that article that couldn’t apply to women.

A Man should appreciate any shade of breast an Gay Men are still Real Men.

WTF? Ward Cleaver is the only Real Man?

Most of those things apply to women as well.

A man doesn’t allow himself to be defined by some stupid list.

“Underwear” is just not a sexy word.

A man knows how to skim and when to type tl;dr.

Compared to this article, this thread now reads like a masterpiece.