This is what "Defending your Home" with guns looks like

Man shoots his own 6 month pregnant wife in the head. She got up to use the restroom or get a drink or something; he heard a noise and did the only possible logical thing.

What a fucking tragedy.

What a fucking predictable outcome. The more guns people have, the more often this kind of thing will happen.

They were able to save the baby, SO FAR.

I sure hope that it really was an accident.

Agreed. Some people need to be protected from their own stupidity.

No way it was an accident. Why did he aim for her head?

Oscar Pistorius claimed that when he shot his girlfriend he thought she was an intruder. I didn’t buy it then either.

True, and why did he feel he needed to have a gun handy?

When your penis is a metal tube, you have to be suspicious of whose baby she is carrying.

Yeah, this is hard to buy. I’d be really surprised if he didn’t shoot her on purpose.

Situational Awareness.

I try to remember where everyone in my house is.

However, I was surprised once when a former four year old came out of a different room.

If that’s the case, I just don’t get it. Do these guys really think that killing their wives will give them freedom? Most people wouldn’t consider life in prison more freeing than parenthood. Don’t want marriage and parenthood? Walk away. Get a divorce. But don’t kill them!

(I don’t recommend killing yourself first, either.)

This is horrific but I am sick of hearing how these incidents are “tragic”. Of course it is tragic, but that doesn’t excuse what happened. There are no winners here. Even if it really was an accident, there should be real punishment and consequences. Guy should go to jail. As a parent, I really feel for his 2 year old. But should he get a pass if you take it on face value this was a) an “accident” and b) he has a 2 year old without a mother?

I have an autistic child. There is only one way to guarantee she won’t be a firearm accident victim, and that’s not have a firearm in the home.

The sheriff’s message to gun owners: “If you keep a gun within easy access because you think you might need it to protect your home, you have to be extremely careful,” he told WPEC. "When you make that decision to pull that trigger, you’ve got know what you’re shooting at, who you’re shooting at.”

Most burglars are going to get the hell out of your house upon hearing a loud, “HEY! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU???”

Some people are just itching for a stand your ground kill. It makes them a badass in their own minds.

Like others, I suspect this guy knew exactly who he was shooting and is making up a claim of mistaken self-defense in an attempt to excuse what was an premeditated murder.

I would have thought it was the dead wife who needed to be protected, not the guy shooting the gun.

Could be a domestic violence situation. Victims are at a significantly higher risk when they are pregnant. In that case her leaving him would not be acceptable, and he would use lethal force to prevent it. It’s completely irrational but so are abusers.

I know that, unfortunately. Thankfully, I don’t know it from personal experience.

People who own guns because they’re hoping to shoot an intruder are precisely the people who shouldn’t have them.

I was presuming she was also a gun nut but I suppose you are right, it is possible that only her husband was.

By talking up your self-confidence and saying things like “situational awareness,” you’re only increasing your chances of making a fatal mistake. Making mistakes is predictable, human, and normal. Having a gun accessible mostly risks making the mistake fatal.

I watch a lot of Dateline. Let’s just say, I won’t be shocked to learn there’s a girlfriend on the side.

My dad had a shotgun and the only time I ever saw him take it out of the closet was on my 18th birthday. Some guy had followed my sister and I home from an outing and we could see him out in the backyard stripped down to his underwear. My dad was shaking, he did not want to shoot that boy. He yelled very loudly that he was armed and would shoot if he had to. I can’t imagine just shooting without an attempt to do something else first.