This is where I freak out now

I live in an apartment that I, quite honestly was planning on moving out of at the end of the summer but I think that might be coming a bit earlier than expected.

So today the water was shut off in the building for repairs. Now, this happens regularly and most of the time there is running water when they claim there isn’t and so I didn’t think much of the notice that was given about it. Well I slept in this morning because I was working the afternoon/evening shift, and when I got up I went into the kitchen and started to clean up a bit. There was a pot that had been soaking and I dumped out the dirty water and went to wash it. Hmm, no water, oh well. I can’t clean up the sink because well, no water, I go about my business, I get ready for work, and leave.

Now apparently I didn’t close the faucet fully, well I couldn’t really tell because, you guessed it no water*. And the stuff left in the sink clogged the stopper of the drain and so when the water came back on there was a little flood apparently. And when I say little I mean that I live on the fifth floor and the restaurant on the ground floor was flooding as well.

Now I have insurance so I am covered for any personal damage, but the building is run by a large company that, from what I hear, has kicked people out for less.
Again, that wouldn’t normally be a huge issue because they were jacking us around and we were planning on finding a new place anyway, but I am leaving for five months in just under two weeks and I can’t leave my boyfriend to move the entire apartment by himself, oh and find a new place in the meantime too.

So that is my little freak-out, I admit that I made a mistake, but it sucks anyway.

*the faucets are tight and you really need to reef on them to close fully

Hm. it does suck, but did you ever complain about the shittiness of the faucets?

I really haven’t been there long and it has never been an issue. They are tight to turn off but not impossible, it’s not like I would sit there and think, hmm I can turn it off fine now, but what if the water is turned off.

I am done work now and headed home. I am so nervous waiting to see a big old eviction notice on my door. Oh yea and my brother is flying into town in two days for a visit before I leave for the summer. Hey there bro wanna sleep on a moist carpet, oh yea and I can’t really visit at all because I am looking for a new place to live.

Crap Crap Crap

Are you positive the flood downstairs was caused by your faucet? Seems like a whole lot more water than a day’s slow but steady drip.

Are you sure the water wasn’t turned off in the first place because of another leak?

I hope everything works out for you. I’m going through a bit of the same with my landlord. We had a leak from another apartment upstairs and I had the craaaazy idea that they should have had someone extract the water and clean our carpets afterwards. The smell was horrible. But no, the landlord said the smell was from our cats :rolleyes: and we had words so now I’m expecting an eviction notice too.